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July 31, 2016

Here’s Why ECRU New York Knows How To Build Your Business

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Whether you’re looking for a friend, a mate, a dachshund or a dentist, what’s the secret to making the connection work? You want to find someone who gets you, right?  Someone who understands what makes you smile and what causes you pain. It’s the same thing when you’re partnering with a professional products company. You want to work with someone who gets IT…and gets YOU.


The fact is most hair products work just fine. Better than fine. So if you’re smart, you’ll look deeper—for a 360-degree partnership that brings more than just good formulas to the table. You want to partner with people who know your world, who have walked in your shoes and who have figured out (and are willing to share) a thing or two about success as a salon owner and stylist. ECRU New York—part of the DePasquale Circle of Beauty—may be that company and Carmen DePasquale may be that guy.


If you live on the East Coast, chances are you’re familiar with the DePasquale name. The family has been in the beauty business for close to 40 years. If not, or if you need an update, allow us to fill you in on all things DePasquale.



1. 2,200 Clients a Week in a 26,000 Square-Foot Space
Carmen’s story starts like so many in our industry—behind the shampoo bowl. As a young man out of the Air Force, he obtained his cosmetology license and started at the bottom—shampooing hair, assisting other stylists. Eventually he was caring for his own clients in a salon in New Jersey, then moved up to a salon manager position and ultimately opened his own 900 square-foot salon. In the ’90s, while traveling through Europe, he observed the European approach to full-body beauty in countries like Sweden, France and Italy. He returned home and incorporated skin and body care services into his salon business, pioneering the day spa concept. He started with two spa rooms, and today, DePasquale the Spa has 22 treatment rooms and is one of the few full-service salons in the U.S. to boast hair and skin care businesses that are equally successful in a single location. 


DePasquale the Spa was one of the first full-service hair, skin and
body care salons, and remains the most successful.


2. Distributing Professional Products & Providing Education
As a young salon owner, Carmen also turned his attention to education, and was hired by many top companies of the time to conduct classes at shows. In 1978, one particular artistic team caught his attention. “I was intrigued because this team from a company called Sebastian was so artistic and unique,” says Carmen.  Sebastian was intrigued as well, and offered Carmen the opportunity to become a distributor. He accepted. As the years went on, and Sebastian was acquired by Wella, and then by P&G, DePasquale Salon Systems grew right along with it.


3.  Education? Of Course! It’s Called The Artistic Academy of Hair Design
Nobody stays on top in the beauty business without the ability to always be 10 steps ahead.  When Carmen’s spa business began to take off, he took a hard look at the situation and realized instead of hiring stylists and estheticians, it made more sense to grow them. By opening the school, he accomplished two things. He had a pool of well-trained employees for his own salon, and he had a pool of employees who were thoroughly trained on the products he distributed and could step into any of the many salons serviced by DePasquale Salon Systems.


Team ECRU at NYFW.


4. Jason Wu and Zac Posen at Fashion Week? The ECRU Team Was There First
Team ECRU has been a fixture at New York Fashion Week since 2000, working with big names and, equally important, working with new artists that will become big names. Back when Jason Wu and Zac Posen were baby designers, ECRU was there for them, and in a sense, they all have grown up together. Collaborating with new designers is what keeps ECRU on the edge.


 Salons who partner with ECRU receive the benefit
of all the DePasquale experience.


5.  And ECRU New York?  It’s the sum of all the parts.
After DePasquale’s more than 40 years as a beauty leader, it’s clear that their ECRU New York collection didn’t come out of thin air. It was created as a result of all of the experience of the DePasquale organization—with stylists, with salon owners and with clients. “With 2,200 clients coming through our salon each week, we had the ultimate testing ground for products,” explains Carmen. “It was like having a giant focus group around the clock.”
What Carmen and the ECRU team learned was that clients had closets full of products because there was always something new coming along that they just had to try. But inevitably they would be disappointed. What they also learned was performance and hair health were decidedly not equal parts of the product equation. “Our clients told us that products that had high performance would destroy the hair,” says Carmen. “When they found healthier products, they didn’t perform.” Wisely, the team turned to the skin care side of the business for answers. “It was unheard of at the time to use skin care ingredients in hair care products,” Carmen remembers, “but we did, and doing so evolved into our ECRU philosophy of ‘Treat and Perform.’”


Today, ECRU New York is a tightly edited, laser-targeted, collection of hero-products that allows stylists and clients to do more with less…and do it exceptionally well. “These products are born in the salon,” says Carmen. “They treat, they perform and they do so with less inventory. It’s a prestige line; an affordable luxury. Clients can purchase a few products, combine them and get a greater value for their investment.”


All ECRU New York formulas are developed to blend perfectly with one another.  “So whether you cocktail Marine Thickening Balm with Volumizing Silk Mist for maximum volume, layer Rejuvenating Moisture Mist and Defining Styling Potion for soft, touchable, perfectly defined curls, or simply use a few golden drops of Silk Nectar Serum for a beautifully, smooth finish….the possibilities are limitless,” Carmen explains. “ECRU New York is beautiful hair. 



Carmen DePasquale has mastered the art of adapting to every change
the beauty industry brings, and coming out ahead.


It all adds up. “Today no one wants another product, however everyone wants another client. And that is what ECRU New York brings to the salon” promises Carmen. “We are not just another product collection. We are born in the salon and thrive in that environment. ECRU New York is the result of a lifetime spent living and breathing this beautiful industry.”