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April 10, 2015

Heated Brush Adds Volume!

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Clients with fine, limp hair want one thing—volume! To create body and fullness throughout, there is only one must-have styling aid—the FHI Heat Stylus™. FHI Heat Celebrity Stylist, Gregory Patterson, shares how to combat a strong cowlick in the fringe area while bringing back volume and natural body throughout the midlengths and ends. Creating stylish looks with the Stylus™ couldn’t be easier, so show your clients how to use it and allow them to try it for themselves. That way, not only will they walk out the door with fuller, thicker locks—but with a Stylus™ as well. To create long-lasting volume try this:



1. If she has a strong cowlick in the fringe area, simply brush the hair left, then right using the Stylus™. This allows the cowlick to lie in a more natural position. Then brush the fringe back in a c-shaped motion.


2. To get lift at the root, take a section of hair, give the Stylus™ a little turn, let it rest for a few moments, then lift up and brush all the way through.


3. To create volume and body through the sides, take the Stylus™ and brush through the hair as you twist the Stylus™. When you get to the ends, give the Stylus™ a little twist and the hair will fall naturally out of the brush.


4. Take the next section, brush through the hair to detangle before placing the Stylus™ underneath the hair, give a  slight rotation and twist as you glide through. Continue until all of the hair has been styled.