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April 2, 2015

Healing Hair with Super Fruit

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Healthy hair is something you and your clients both want. But keeping her hair nourished hasn’t always been easy—until now! ColorProof Founder, Jim Markham, has discovered the secret to healthy, beautiful hair—a super fruit found in Africa called Baobab. Baobab naturally hydrates distressed hair with its exquisite and curative ingredients, yielding ultra-luxurious results. When combined into ColorProof’s proprietary Baobab Power Complex, along with revolutionary proteins and rare essential oils, excessively damaged hair is instantly smoothed and repaired to full health. Hair is reborn and revitalized with maximum color and heat protection.



Put your client’s best hair forward with the Baobab Heal & Repair System™. Nourish dry, brittle hair from the inside out to give your client her healthiest, shiniest hair ever. To finish the treatment, give her voluminous, blown out curls to really show off her haute and healthy look!



1. Begin with Baobab Heal & Repair™ Shampoo and Condition to add strength, resilience and healing so strands are adequately equipped to take on any style.


2. Next, apply LiftIt® Color Protect Foam Mousse to damp hair, combing through from roots to ends for a boost of healthy, lasting volume, plus added color protection.


3. Smooth your client’s strands with CrazySmooth® Extreme Shine Treatment Oil applied from the midshafts through to the ends. Blow-dry the hair in sections using a round brush, focusing on setting curls at the ends with a cool shot of air prior to releasing the curled hair from the brush.


4. Finish your haute approach with a few sprays of AllAround® Color Protect Working Hairspray throughout the styles to set it and forget it.