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December 1, 2015

Haute Couture Hues: For Clients With An Edge!

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The L’ANZA Global Creative Team headed to the Netherlands recently, armed with a new vision for haircolor in 2016. Once there, Global Creative Director Ammon Carver, Creative Director Matt Swinney and Global Color Director Leah Freeman got busy, producing the first collection that places the power of the company’s Healing Color squarely in the spotlight. Void of distractions like elaborate clothing or fancy camera tricks, the Beauty Is…Color Collection merges fashion and editorial influences with on-trend cuts and styling and presents an array of hues ideal for the fashion-conscious client.


“This collection juxtaposes textures with a versatile palette,” says Ammon. “We created cool pearls, pastel patinas, vivid violets and intense coppers.”


Aside from Healing Color, L’ANZA’s Keratin Healing Oil collection played a starring role in the shoot, providing the softness, shine and strength the models’ hair needed to display the haircolor to its best advantage. And why travel to Holland to shoot the looks? “You get girls who are very excited to do different cuts and colors with their hair,” Matt reveals. “It creates freedom for a hairstylist to be expressive; to do things that are visually exciting and easier to translate into usable techniques.”


Here are three color design how-tos from Beauty Is…Color.


How-To: Rose Peach


How-To: Dimensional Copper


How-To: Dusky Lavender


Go Behind-the-Scenes of Beauty Is…Color!


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