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March 29, 2016

Hand-Painting How-To: Iridescent Opal

Hand-Painting How-To: Iridescent Opal

…Wow. Just wow.

Painted by the creator of #FluidHairPainting, KL Christoffersen @mermicornhair, this iridescent pastel melt is color magic at its finest. So of course we had to find out how she did it!

What’s so special about this look is not only its dynamic, opalescent sheen, but how smoothly and naturally the colors transition into one another! This was achieved using Davines Flamboyage Meche Strips. Because of their self-adhesive nature, they allow you to grab spontaneous pieces of hair—making any color natural and random! Davines Flamboyage is also see-through, so it eliminates the risk of over- or under-processing. Best part? It provides a quick, clean removal that doesn’t disturb your carefully-crafted color.

See how KL used Flamboyage to create this perfect pastel melt!

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Natural/Starting Level: 6-7

Color Formulas
Formula A: L’Oréal Professionnel Ammonia Free Platinium + 30-volume developer + Olaplex

Formula B: PRAVANA ChromaSilk PASTELS Pretty in Pink

Formula C: Luscious Lavender

Formula D: Blissful Blue

Formula E: Too Cute Coral

Formula F:
 Mystical Mint

Formula G: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Violet + Olaplex No. 2

Formula H: ChromaSilk Express Tones Violet

Formula I: Tones Ash

Formula J: Tones Pearl

1. Apply Formula A all over to prelighten the hair.

2. After the prelightening process, section the hair, pinning the bangs and the crown. Then section each side of the head, from the hairline to above the ears. Lastly, section the hair around the parietal, pinning back. (Your sectioning will depend on your desired final results!) 

3. Begin working on the bottom two sections, hand-painting Formulas G and D near the root. (Note: It’s especially important to keep the hair by the nape primarily violets and blues, to anchor the future iridescent effect.) When you finish melting these two formulas from roots to tip, having worked halfway up the back of the head, have your client lay back on a table, protected by a sheet of plastic. This way it’s easier to paint the rest of the hair, and it doesn’t risk damaging past or future painting.

4. As you move up the subsections, use Formulas B, E, and F to create an iridescent effect.

5. When you reach the area around the crown, begin using Flamboyage Meche Strips. Place your section on the adhesive side of the meche and begin painting. 

6. For these subsections, begin melting together Formulas B, E, F and I. When moving toward the top of the head, retouch using Formula F to give the hair an opal effect with shimmery tones throughout.
Note: When melting her colors, KL layered Formulas B & F over G, pairing colors that would give a multi-reflective look.


7. When finished with one subsection, fold over your Flamboyage meche strip to seal your work. This protects the hair from accidental bleeding and helps achieve a more natural-looking result.

8. Continue this method up the hairline, and when you begin working on the hair around the face, create a shadow using Formula G underneath the bang area for a lasting lavender tone.

Pro Tip: “For the bangs, we alternated between mint green, pink, coral and express tones pearl. There would be a thicker section, followed by a Flamboyage section and then rotating between the two throughout the fringe bang. This way, no matter what way she turns in the light her hair will constantly be changing color.

Total time: 2.5 hours