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Last updated: May 16, 2023

Hairstylist Shows Client’s 150-Egg Lice Infestation on TikTok

viral lice infestation tiktok
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Photo Credit: TikTok via @liceladyrachel

Hairstylist Dubbed “The Lice Lady” Shows Her Client’s Massive Lice Infestation.

Dr. Pimple Popper has met their match with the Lice Lady. Australian hairstylist Rachel Maroun—who goes by @liceladyrachel on TikTok—has gone viral on the app for showing an enormous lice infestation. (You can watch the TikTok here.) While most of Rachel’s content is dedicated to showing lice in her clients’ hair, this video in particular has gained over 9 million views due to the size of the infestation. 


In the video, Rachel shows her process for removing and killing the lice which includes sectioning the hair, applying a white cream to the strands, combing through and wiping off the comb. Then, once she’s able to brush through and not pick up any more lice, she moves on to the next section.


Rachel could tell her client had lice for a few months due to the empty egg shells in her hair.

viral lice infestation tiktok
Photo Credit: TikTok via @liceladyrachel


As she combs, she can tell where the lice are in their life cycle. “I can already tell this client has had lice for a few months,” she says in the video. “The tiny little white dots you see are actually egg shells. Eggs are typically laid close to the scalp so I can tell these have just been growing out with her hair—that’s how I know it’s been a while,” she explains. 


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According to Rachel, the adult lice in this infestation just had babies and each louse can lay up to 150 eggs.


viral lice infestation tiktok
Photo Credit: TikTok via @liceladyrachel


Rachel explains there is no chemical to kill or remove the lice, so combing is the only option. She concludes the video by using a glass to “pop” the live lice on a baby wipe to kill them.


As Rachel’s content suggests, there doesn’t have to be a negative stigma around lice and it’s a lot more common than people think.


Have a client with lice? Here’s some things you should know:


  1. Don’t freak out! Having lice can be embarrassing for the client, so make sure to discreetly explain to them you believe they may have lice.
  2. Most state regulations say salons CANNOT treat lice, so if your client does have lice refer them to a nearby clinic.
  3. According to Rachel, the only effective way to get rid of lice is to pick them out using a metal lice comb.
  4. Lice are primarily transferred via head-to-head contact and can not live off the head for more than 24 hours.


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