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February 9, 2015

Gwen and Katy’s Grammys Hair for Everyday Wear

Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry stood out on the Grammy Awards red carpet with their relaxed and, most importantly, attainable looks! Here's how to recreate their styles for everyday wear! 

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Is the music still ringing in your ears from the 2015 Grammy Awards? While the performances were audacious as always, the hairstyles were relatively tame—with the exception of Sia’s platinum helmet of hair! Trends were everywhere as the red carpet supplied us with many unforgettable—and achievable— styles for day-to-day life! Here are our two favorites, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry:


Gwen Stefani’s Sleek Upsweep


1. Mist Pureology Perfect for Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment on dampened hair for added strength and shine. Apply two pumps of Bodifying Luminator texturizing shine-foam throughout for body and fullness.


2. Blowdry hair away from the face with a Denman brush while lifting the roots on top of the head for volume.


3. Gather the hair from the sides and the back and loosely twist into the center back. Secure with pins.


4. For increased hold and shine, rake a small amount of Anti Breakage Twist shine texturizer through the top section. Curl the hair with a large iron on base for volume and bend.


5. Backcomb the top section and apply additional Anti Breakage Twist shine texturizer for definition, texture and shine.


6. For solid hold, apply Supreme Control high hold hairspray.


Katy Perry’s Textured Violet Lob


1. On a level 10 prelightened base, apply the following color formula: PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS Luscious Lavender (base color) + NEON Blue + NEON Pink. To ensure the formula is the color you seek, test a small amount on a paper towel. 


2. Dampen the hair and apply a small amount of PRAVANA NEVO Full Volume Volumizing Mousse.


3. Using a flat iron, create waves in a randomized pattern.


4. Comb through with a wide tooth comb and spray with PRAVANA NEVO Super Shape Hairspray.