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April 20, 2015

Goldwell/KMS On Tour Brings the #HairParty to NYC!

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It truly was a #hairparty at the Manhattan Center in New York City when Goldwell/KMS On Tour hit the Big Apple on the second leg of their tour. Around 800 hairdressers and salon owners from around the country filed in to see what’s new with the industry-leading brands. Alexis Lagrotteria, a hairstylist from New Jersey, was one of those stylists who drove in for the night. “I’m here to see where hair is going and find out what’s next,” said Alexis. “I’ve been a hairstylist for 13 years, I want to know what’s new and I know Goldwell can show me.” For her, On Tour did not disappoint. 



To kick off the night, three of the biggest stars under the KAO umbrella took to the stage: Goldwell Artistic Director, Rebecca Hiele; KMS California Artistic Team Director, Sonna Brado and top stylist and salon owner, Nick Arrojo. According to Rebecca, they took the stage together to set the tone for the tour. “The opening is very special to this particular tour. It’s called the Collective, meaning it’s a co-branding of Goldwell, the Arrojo Team and KMS California,” explains Rebecca. “You see more integration within the three different brands.”


Each artist worked on a different model to start the show—setting the overall pace for what the audience was about to enjoy. Nick finished a model’s haircut, Sonna worked on creating texture for her avant-garde inspired upstyle and Rebecca create different types of motion in the hair, mimicking the theme for Color Zoom 2015. For Sonna, a lot of planning went into the looks that she performed on stage. “As a team, we storyboarded the looks and wanted to come up with a collaboration for the shapes. We wanted to show mixed textures with strong shapes. KMS needed to look cohesive and yet the hair had to be different enough to stand alone. It also had to be done in five minutes! We did a lot of practicing backstage,” laughs Sonna.  





After the Collective opening, the night was broken up into various segments—all transitioned by emcee for the night, Simon Miller. “He really kept the audience involved and cheering,” describes Sonna. “At one point, he even took a video of the audience and posted it to Instagram. We take our fun seriously, and it really does show!”



As the night went on, the Goldwell, KMS and Arrojo artists showcased a mix of their year’s work. Rebecca was joined on stage with Goldwell Artistic Team Member, Nick Pagano and Goldwell National Artist and Creative Color Director for Mizu Salon, Dimitrios Tsioumas to showcase @Elumenated Naturals colors and the Color Zoom 2015 collection. “It’s a great visual of the editorial and inspirational side of Color Zoom,” says Rebecca. “This gives the audience an even bigger visual of what it is. It really is the inspirational collection for Goldwell—it’s about how you can take these new inspirations and designs and put them to use in your salon.” 




Since the event, the response from colorists and stylists alike has been overwhelmingly positive. “What was great is we actually had simultaneous KMS and Goldwell workshops on the Monday after the show at our Academy in New York City. The feedback was just fantastic. One of the colorists said watching the finale had her feeling so inspired that she felt like she was floating,” says Rebecca.  



The four part tour’s first stop was Boston followed by New York. They then switched coasts for their third stop in Seattle. The tour will wrap up with their last stop in San Francisco in May.      

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