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March 23, 2016

Give Her the SHINE She Can’t Live Without

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When your clients come into the salon, you know what they want. They want it all and they trust you to make it all happen. It’s your job to make them feel pampered and to make their hair look absolutely brilliant. And guess what? With the NEW Matrix Biolage SUGAR SHINE System, it’s officially easier than ever to give your clients everything they want and even then some—we’re talking major shine. Check out how you can bring your clients’ salon experience to the next level while also rejuvenating their hair and giving them a shine everyone will be obsessed with.


The new SUGAR SHINE system is lightweight
and provides three times more shine for your clients.


How-To: SUGAR SHINE at the Backbar
Rinse the hair with warm water until saturated. Wring out excess water and leave the hair damp. 


2. Section and divide the hair into three or more small sections depending on hair density.



3. Gently apply SUGAR SHINE Polishing Hair Scrub in small sections, as a pre-shampoo treatment. Use a downward stroking manner from roots to ends until sugar melts away. Then rinse well.


4. Apply SUGAR SHINE Shampoo to wet hair with a massaging motion. Rinse well. Next, apply SUGAR SHINE Conditioner to damp hair and leave on for 1-3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.


5. Apply one dose of SUGAR SHINE Mega Gloss Treatment to hair after SUGARSHINE Conditioner.



6. Leave on for 5 minutes. Massage into hair or rest. Rinse thoroughly.