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April 1, 2016

Give Her Style a Little More SHINE

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Summer is right around the corner, and dull hair? AS IF. She wants SHINE. FOR. DAYS. and a style her friends are totally obsessing over…especially when it’s time for her girls getaway next weekend! So let’s break it down. Give her those brighter locks that rock strength and shine and be the stylist everyone is talking about. The best part? With the NEW Matrix Biolage SUGARSHINE System it’s easier than ever. Shine up her style with this in-salon service and finish her look with these lived-in curls perfect for any occasion. Here’s how!


The new SUGARSHINE system is lightweight
and provides three times more shine for your clients.




How-To: Shine Up Her Curls
1. On damp hair, apply SUGARSHINE Illuminating Mist liberally from the midshafts to the ends. Be sure to shake the bottle well before applying!


2. Section the hair with a deep side part, using the height of her eyebrow as a guide. Starting at the roots, use a flat bristle brush to dry the hair. Use the brush to lift the hair up with tension and create smoothness. Finish blow-drying the hair smooth for shine and softness.

3. Divide the hair in three sections: bottom, middle and top, without disrupting the side part you created. Then, beginning with the bottom section, create large curls by taking 1-inch sections of hair and curling back away from the face. Be sure to start your curl in the center of each section, not the ends. Continue working section by section around the head, and allow hair to cool completely.



4. Next, spray SUGARSHINE Illuminating Mist on your hands and rub together, then use your fingers to break up the curls promoting natural bounce and movement.



5. Complete the look by lightly spraying SUGARSHINE Illuminating Mist all over for enhanced shine.