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October 12, 2015

Get The Perfect Brush For Your Unique Texture

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Sometimes…it’s all in the brush. Denman features an exciting new line of brushes to help detangle all types of hair. Does your client ever struggle with brushing through her long, thick locks? Or maybe she has finer, more delicate strands that need a little more attention to detail. Denman brushes are here to help. No matter the type of hair, Denman will have the brush best suited for you and your clients. Check out all Denman has to offer!


Denman D6 BeBop Brush For Wet Hair


The Denman D6 BeBop Brush is a design icon and has been for almost 60 years. It glides perfectly through wet hair to detangle and provide a soft, gentle head massage. The BeBop works to easily apply conditioners, serums and other products as it moves evenly around the head. The compact D6 BeBop features a circular massage brush, extra-soft plastic pins and an easy grip handle. It works for all hair types and comes in eight different colors: Silver, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow.


Denman Tangle Smoother For Textured Hair



The Denman Tangle Smootheris perfect for detangling and taming all types of hair and lengths. It works well on extensions and wigs and doubles as a gentle massager for the hair and head. The Tangle Smoother features smooth metal pins that are set in a cushion pad to help the brush glide through hair without pulling or tugging. This gentle groomer is perfect for thick, curly and highly textured hair. It comes in Black, Pink and Yellow.


Denman Tangle Tamer For Delicate Hair, Extensions and Wigs



The Denman Tangle Tamer brushes are perfect when working with thinner, more delicate hair. The two-length, soft and flexible bristles provide a gentle way to separate and smooth out knots and tangles. The brushes also feature an air-cushioned pad that works to follow the contour of the head for a smooth, damage-free groom. You can get the Tangle Tamer in classic black or bright pink.


Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra For Long, Thick Hair, Extensions and Wigs

The Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra is the latest addition to the Denman Detangling Collection and is featured as the “big sister” to the original Tangle Tamer Brush. The ultra is bigger than the original and is therefore ideal for longer and thicker hair, extensions and wigs. It features super-soft nylon bristles and an air-cushioned pad to remove tangles and provide a damage-free groom. The brush works excellent on both dry and wet hair and is available in Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black.