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March 7, 2016

Get the Look: label.m’s Urban Youth

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Juxtaposition, self-expression, rebellion—label.m’s newest collection, Urban Youth, draws inspiration from “street tribes,” where trends are truly born. “Freedom of expression, creating your own style and not following the crowd—that’s exactly what label.m is all about,” says Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, label.m’s Global Creative Director. For on-trend styling tips, check out the article and videos below.





Disco never died. Keep it alive by embracing the natural movement and soft, disheveled texture of Studio 54. Waves are created using an even mist of Protein Spray, then Curl Cream is evenly distributed throughout to give total separation. Product is combed through with the Jumbo Comb and diffused with the Magic Diffuser. For ultimate curl definition, use the Advanced Pro-Curling Tong on the top and fringe area. Watch the how-to.





Can class and edge coexist? Label.m proves it can. To achieve this coiffed yet disheveled look, first create texture in the back with Thickening Tonic. Spritz throughout, then power-dry using the Tourmaline Dryer and the Cutting Comb to sculpt and mold into shape. Next, massage Resurrection Style Dust into the roots to add height and apply Texturising Volume Spray to midlengths and ends. Take the style to the next level by using the Deconstructor to create separated, matte texture.





Juxtaposing bouncy, polished waves with a blunt, graphic fringe is a must for self-expression. Get the style by tonging the hair on a vertical and taming fly-aways with the Therapy Rejuvenating Oil Mist. For the ultimate finish, spray Shine Mist on the Grooming Brush and gently brush through waves. Watch the how-to


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It’s time for a hair rebellion! For hair inspired by ‘80s counter-culture, use Volume Foam on wet hair, then spray Texturising Volume Spray on dry hair for an undone and edgy look. Take it to the next level of shine and hold with Mesh Styling. Watch the how-to.





A short, tight fade with more length on top will always have its place. Make sure it’s styled to perfection using Grooming Cream on wet hair to keep the pristine silhouette, and then applying Thickening Tonic and blow-drying to create height. Since it is 2016, distress the hair a little with Sculpting Pomade and the Detangling Comb to complete the look. Watch the how-to.





Your clients’ hair is their attitude—help them show it off with this strong undercut on one side, juxtaposed with loose layers on the other. Style using Extra Strong Mousse to maximize the texture, and blow-dry using the Tourmaline Dryer and Hot Brush. Texturising Volume Spray gives a light hold and dry texture. Make sure to set the look with Hairspray. Watch the how-to.





Bring London Street style to the States by styling an iconic skin fade like this: start by massaging the new label.men Scalp Tonic into hair, then blow-dry forward with the Tourmaline Dryer. Style with Max Wax. For something with a little more polish, use Sculpting Pomade throughout the hair.





We all love a little graphic design, especially in hair! To style this bold crop with an even shorter textured fringe, start with Smoothing Cream to retain moisture. Spray Sea Salt Spray on wet hair for disheveled texture and dry using the Grooming Brush, keeping it flat through the top and sides. Use the Mini Texture Straightener to get close to the root—this creates the sleek style. Finish with a cocktail of Resurrection Style Dust and a small amount of Soufflé. Watch the how-to.





For your coolest of cool clients, there’s the Libertine Hipster—a layered look with plenty of volume and an exaggerated head shape. To get the look, use Volume Foam on wet hair, from root to tip. Hair is then dried in large sections and twisted away from the face. Dry Shampoo is used throughout the hair, but especially at the root. Lastly, create height at the root with the Session Hair-Up Brush and complete with a headband. Watch the how-to.





Try this look that fuses gorgeous, glamorous hair with a rock star edge. Prep hair with Protein Spray, blow-dry using Blow Out Spray, then tong hair. Pin curls and allow them to set. Use the Detangling Comb to carefully comb out one curl at a time, then finish with Shine Mist and the Grooming Brush. Be sure to set with Hairspray for a lasting finish. Watch the how-to





The ‘90s are back and with a vengeance. Style this high skin fade with contrasting length on top with Grooming Cream and blow-dry with the Tourmaline Dryer and Hot Brush. Complete the look with Sculpting Pomade—work it through wet hair from root to tip. If shine isn’t your goal, use Deconstructor for a more matte texture.


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