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March 5, 2015

Get the Business Insight You Deserve at ABS!

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When you’re making your way in the business world, times can get tough. So don’t go it alone! There are plenty of qualified, intelligent people who have found the key to success and are willing to share their secrets! Take Neil Ducoff, for example. For over 20 years, Neil and his team at Strategies have been developing their namesake—strategies!—for business owners. He’s offered his expert guidance to some of the biggest companies in the beauty industry—Aveda, L’Oréal—and Fortune 500 giant Procter & Gamble, so it’s safe to say the guy knows what he’s talking about. And if you attend America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, you’ll have the chance to learn firsthand from Neil!


On Sunday, March 22, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., he will teach “How to Compete with Rental Salons,” where salon owners will provide strategies on how to most effectively compete against booth rental salons, as well as tips for identifying potential growth. And it doesn’t end there—On Monday, March 23 from 1 to 2:30 p.m., Neil will ask you “What’s Your Salon/Spa Really Worth?” During this class, you will learn how to identify your company’s value and what strategies to implement to improve its value with time. For more information on these classes, click here!


Since Neil is such a good friend to Behindthechair.com, we have compiled a list of his insights from over the years. And, of course, if you can’t make it to ABS but want to pick Neil’s brain a little, head on over to the BTC Bookstore. We carry his top-selling business guides—Fast Forward: The Definitive Guide to Salon, Spa and Medspa Management; No-Compromise Leadership; and Monday Morning Wake Up!


No Compromise Resolutions: 10 Ways to Keep Your Salon Business Strong Throughout the Year!
1. Always put people before profit. Period. Do that, lead them with passion, trust them to do the right thing, give them the freedom to do it, help them have fun, and the profit will come.


2. Listen and really hear what employees have to say. They are the front line of your salon business that customers see. They hold the insights to make things better. Respond to their suggestions and make them feel valuable.


3. Create equality and fairness by eliminating double standards. This means the same rules that apply to your salon team, apply to you, and all team members are treated the same. It also means you and all team members will roll up their sleeves and pitch in when needed in the salon and that you never talk about, gossip about or degrade other employees to others.


10 Requirements to Becoming a No-Compromise Leader
4. If it needs to be done, get it done. It takes more than “showing up” as an owner, manager or independent stylist. It takes resolve, tenacity and courage to begin and stay the course of being accountable for your role and responsibilities.


5. Be tenacious and courageous. These qualities get you through the tough times and are absolute requirements in being a no-compromise leader. When you go through dark periods, you must be resolute to find your way back to balance and success.


6. Manage what’s on your plate. Many individuals confuse no compromise leadership with, “I must do it all.” Well, you can’t do it all, and when you try, you create that impressive wake that throws everyone in your company off balance. Give your company a break – manage what’s on your plate.


Driving Client Retention: 9 Ground Rules Every Salon/Spa Must Follow
Track client retention—not request rates. Request rates do not have anything to do with client retention. The valuable information for the salon is if they came back. Who they came back to is irrelevant.


8. Base stylist compensation on their ability to retain clients. Reward improving and excellent retention rates with a raise, bonus, prize, etc. Address poor and declining stylist retention rates quickly. Coach, train, mentor, etc., until rates improve within a specified time frame. If there is no improvement, it’s time for a serious talk with the employee in question.


9. Assemble a target list of real and potential retention problems at your salon. Examine every major and minor detail of your salon operation: parking, music, cleanliness, retail displays, reception area, telephone answering techniques, signage, etc. Evaluate the skill level of each stylist in each service category. If a stylist has a bad retention track record with perms—prohibit the stylist from doing perms until trained and certified.