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October 5, 2015

Get Big Volume With Volume Builder By Matrix

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Big hair…don’t care! Right now it’s all about thicker, fuller-looking hair that’s straight off the runway. The bigger, the better, and now getting that voluminous, full-bodied look is easier than ever with Style Link Volume Builder by Matrix! This airy mousse delivers visible volume that will last all day. Give her fuller-looking hair that demands to be noticed!


Get the Look
1. Apply VOLUME BUILDER to damp hair at the root area.


2. Next, layer over the root area with  VOLUME BOOSTER.


3. Then work to dry the hair with a round brush. This will create maximum volume at the root area.


4. After drying the hair, spray Volume Fixer on the root area only.


5. Finally, use a little Volume Builder on the ends to thicken the hair.


If you love this look, check out another styling tip below for big, voluminous hair!


Get the Look
 Start with clean and conditioned, towel-dried hair. After hair is dried up to about 80 percent, add Style Link Volume Builder to the subsection of the hair.



2. Next, create volume by blow-drying the base of the subsection with a large round brush until completely dry. Then proceed to the midlengths and ends. Allow the hair to cool and then drop the section while still holding the curl. Complete the process for the entire head.



3. Continue to build the volume by using horizontal subsections and a large barrel Marcel iron. Insert the iron without closing and wrap hair under the barrel. Use the clamp of the iron to work the hair around the iron and to distribute heat evenly. To release the hair, slowly open and close the iron until hair is fully released. Keep the curl intact and pin it in place. Continue this process around the entire head.



4. Release all curls and gently brush through the hair. Apply Style Link Gloss Booster for additional shine and use your fingers to gently rake through the hair.



To see this look happen in action, check out the styling video below!