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June 16, 2016

Garren Does Hillary

Garren does Hillary

Two famous faces get presidential at a very Special Vogue shoot

By Jackie Summers

Whether you’re Team Hillary, Team Bernie, Team Trump or Team “I Abstain,” you have to concede—being invited to style the former secretary of state, former first lady and former U.S. senator; current Democratic candidate and possible FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES for Vogue is a big squealin’ deal. So when Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman phoned her buddy Garren and asked to be part of the elite and discreet Garren Team for the shoot, he was in. “Finally!” he says. “I finally got to do Hillary Clinton after all these years.”

Prepping for a Patdown

As expected, security was tight for the shoot, which took place just before the holidays last year at Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn. Tonne was required to submit a list of names for the team, which ultimately netted out to celebrity photographer Mario Testino, makeup artist James Kaliardos, set designer Jack Flanagan and Garren. The artists were asked to submit to a physical security check when they arrived, and the FBI and Secret Service were present. After that, things moved quickly!

“We had a half-day,” says Garren. “We all knew what we were there for. We brought our A-games to the table.” Instructed to call her “Madame Secretary,” Garren found his famous client to be friendly, articulate and engaged in the process. “Most politicians talk to their people while we’re working,” he revealed. “But she was 100 percent there.”

How Garren Got Hill’s Look

Understandably, Secretary Clinton told Garren she has little time to think about her hair and makeup. “She told me that she understands she can’t be too glamorized,” Garren shares. “She says it would alienate women voters.” Nonetheless, Garren reveals her hair was beautifully highlighted, strong and healthy. “I asked if I could shape it for her and she agreed,” he says. “I trimmed the back, worked more volume in the top and directed it off of her face. My formula with subjects like this is not to make them sexy, rather to make them authoritative. I wanted her to look presidential.”

Before James started on the makeup, Garren used R+Co Park Ave. Blow Out Balm to blow-dry the Secretary’s hair, then set the top on Velcro rollers to achieve “rhythm.” And naturally, the pair talked politics! “I told her the fashion industry was behind her,” Garren reveals. “She was Secretary of State—she’s seen it all. It will be tough but she wants to do it. She said she knows it will be a hard run, but she’s willing to go there an she’s all about America.”

A Super Chill Secretary

Unlike many A-listers, Secretary Clinton was extremely easygoing about the shoot. “Mario started to explain what he had planned, and she told him to just tell her what to do; anything was fine with her,” Garren recalls. So in no time, thanks to the willing subject, it was a wrap.

“I sent her home with R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray and Chiffon Styling Mousse and told her they would be her best friends,” laughs Garren. “And then, I couldn’t believe it, but she told me she had always wanted me to do her hair and was so happy we had finally worked together! I told her any time!

Sadly, if you’re looking for the Garren + Hillary selfie, you will never find it. “I should have asked, but I couldn’t,” Garren admits. “I’m too professional. But I was so grateful to be there and I adored working on her!”