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September 10, 2014

Gamify Your Salon!

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What is it?
noun: the integration of the mechanics that make games fun and absorbing into non-game platforms and experiences, In order to improve engagement and participation. Sounds intense right? Well it’s not. Remember how excited you were in elementary school when you received a gold star for a task or job well done? In essence, that’s gamification. Today, the Gamification concept is growing rapidly, as businesses look to find new ways to engage employees.


Gamification is the hottest term in 2014 and for a good reason. 83% of employees said recognition for contribution is more fulfilling than any reward. 76% said opportunities for growth were the top reasons they stayed with their employer. The best part is that this concept can be used in virtually any industry—especially the beauty industry.


How Does It Work? How would you gamify in the salon? Imagine setting up a challenge in your salon that focuses on pre-booking to increase F.O.V. [Frequency of Visit]. The employee with the highest pre-booking % at the end of the week could win a paid ticket to the next big beauty show, which would cause some excitement. You can even display leaderboards in the break room that show rankings of each staff member for every challenge. This will create healthy competition and drive your team to do even more.


The key innovation here is changing the way technology portrays numbers and goals to your staff. Focusing on growth indicators and challenging your team can be fun and exciting. And guess what… your employees will know their numbers when you ask them because they are completely engaged; in fact, employees are 50% less engaged without Gamification. As goals are met and challenges are won, employees can receive tokens, which can be redeemed for things like movie tickets, dinner with the boss, or new cutting tools. The sky is the limit.


What Can It Do For My Salon Business?
It’s all about creating a fun and engaged environment and Gamification is going to change the way beauty professionals think about goal attainment. Today’s employees want to be engaged but in a way that makes sense to them and as a technology company we get this; which is why we put Gamification in Meevo. Meevo will be your driving force around gamifying your salon and will give you the ability to achieve engagement, growth and fun.


1) 79% of those who quit their job say lack of appreciation as the main reason.


2) 88% of employees found praise from their managers very or extremely motivating.


    a) Employees are 50% less likely to be engaged without gamification.


    a) Gamification increases employee skills by more than 70%.
    b) Companies using gamification have retained their top talent by 78%.


    a) 78% of companies that already run contests for their employees use plaques and trophies as a form of recognition.


    a) Gamification makes it easy to identify the most decorated employees, solicit their advice, and share best practices.
    b) Create team challenges to unify the group in meeting objectives.
    c) Companies with a gamification program grow revenue 2X as fast.


7) What motivates employees today?
    a) 83% said recognition for contribution is more fulfilling than any reward or gift.
    b) 76% said opportunities for growth were the top reason they stayed with their employer.
    c) 90% find a fun work environment very motivating.


8) Gamification can increase productivity, morale, and even tenure in your company.


9) Gamification helps employees stay connected with others and be more social.


10) Gamification allows employees to keep track of their progress and get real-time feedback.