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March 29, 2017

From Hairdressers With Love

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The hairdressing community is built on making people look and feel their best. Some hairdressers, like Mandie Barnes, take it to the next level. Mandie had an idea after being inspired by friend of BTC, Mark Bustos, the founder of the #BeAwesomeToSomebody movement. She took the idea, ran with it, and started a movement of her own. Check out how she started From Ogden With Love and how her idea helped hundreds in her community look and feel their very best.


Mandie’s been a hairdresser for 10 years in Ogden, Utah. One day in 2015, she saw a video clip BTC posted on Instagram featuring Mark doing what he does best—taking to the streets of NYC to cut homeless people’s hair. “I thought, gosh, I want to do that!” Mandie shares. She decided to plan a community event where Ogden locals in need could come and get haircuts. The planning was a whirlwind—in two short weeks, right before Christmas 2015, she gathered sponsors, hairdressers and donations, plus secured a homeless shelter to do the cuts. “It was a lot of work, but I couldn’t believe how everyone really wanted to be involved,” Mandie says. After a friend created a video clip of the event—which went viral—Mandie had tons of hairdressers reaching out to her to see how they could help. “Probably 200 hairdressers in Utah asked to be involved after the first year,” she shares.


 For year two, Mandie knew she wanted to scale up. A friend mentioned the Wella Professionals Wella Cares Contest, which offers monetary support to stylists who spearhead a cause that creates beauty in their communities. “I did not anticipate winning at all,” Mandie says. She entered, then went about her planning and again secured donations and support. Then she found out she was the second place winner in the Wella Cares Contest.


“With the money Wella sent, it grew so much,” she shares. “The first year, we couldn’t figure out the sink situation, so we couldn’t wash anyone’s hair. And that’s such a huge part of getting a haircut. With the money from Wella, I bought two portable sinks and chairs, plus some salon chairs.” Mandie used the leftover money from Wella Cares to create a 501(c)3 so From Ogden With Love will be an actual nonprofit that can grow.


Are You Making An Impact? Enter The Wella Cares Contest! 


Each year, the event grows larger. Dental offices are inquiring about whether they can join and do dental exams. A local university wants to help with job placement. Mandie is continuing to make From Ogden With Love larger and help people make the connections they need to succeed.


Mandie met Mark at BTC’s Stylist Choice Awards last year
and was able to share how he’s inspired her.


“I was cutting a man’s hair and he said he felt human again,” Mandie says. “They’re people just like you and I. They have a hard situation and they want to get out. You can help somebody just by giving them a haircut. It gives them the confidence to make a change in their lives.”


She also points to the power of social media to make an impact. “When I saw Mark’s video, I thought, ‘I have the time to do something like this,’” she shares. “You kind of get addicted to it. Giving a haircut doesn’t take that much time. There’s so many talents and skills we all have, I think if you share them, you can make a big difference.”


Watch the video for a look at From Ogden With Love!