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April 24, 2015

From Brass to Blonde: A Transformation

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A bride should truly shine on her big day. Whether that means an over-the-top wedding gown, frosted in diamonds or a unique haircolor and style–she needs to feel all eyes on her. Celebrity colorist Marie Ferro is no stranger to major transformations. As the colorist to celebs like Jane Seymour and Katharine Ross, Marie knows what’s trending. So when she was tapped to create bridal hairstyles for New Beauty magazine, she knew she wanted to create a creamy blonde shade with a subtle kiss of dusty rose laced in to accentuate the color whether the bride wears her hair up or down in cascading waves. Here’s her how-to for creating this must-have color and several style options that are sure to be at the top of any bride-to-be’s list.


Goldwell Color Formulas
Formula A (regrowth): Silk Lift + 30-volume Silk Lift Peroxide


Formula B (toner): Colorance Express Toning Demi Color in 10 Silver


Formula C: 20mls AB@9 + 20mls GB@9 + 20mls Clear


Formula D: 4 drops PK@all + 30mls Clear



1. Apply Formula A to the regrowth.


2. After shampooing out Formula A, apply Formula B.


3. Dry the hair and apply Formula C. Allow the color to process for 30 minutes.


4. Apply Formula D in slices to the midshafts and ends using several diagonal foils.



Glam Loose Curls
1. Use Goldwell Double Boost Root Lift Spray at the root, then blow-dry the hair moving the roots back and forth to create volume from roots to ends.


2. Using a 1 ¼ -inch curling iron, follow the natural movement in the hair placing in vertical shaped curls. Spray each curl with Goldwell Magic Finish Hairspray Gloss, leaving off the last 2 inches on the ends of the hair to create a natural, but polished look.



Sleek & Smooth
1. Brush out the curls and spray with Goldwell Style Sign Straight Hot Form Heat Styling Lotion, blow-drying the product through the hair with a paddle brush.


2. Polish hair with a flat iron, pulling the hair back into a sleek ponytail, then use a small section of the hair to cover the rubber band.


3. Braid the hair within the ponytail, mold the braid into desired shape and pin underneath.


4.  For an alternate style, French braid around the sides of the hair, molding the ends of the braid the desired shape.


5. Spray Goldwell Magic Finish Hairspray Gloss to polish any stray hairs into place.