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September 15, 2016

fall tv roundup


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“Jane the Virgin”
Gina Rodriguez’s Elegant Ponytail

Joico Celebrity Hairstylist and Spokesperson Paul Norton gave Gina a ponytail for the 2015 Emmy Awards that was simple but structured at the top and fell gracefully with volume at the bottom. 

Get the Look
1. Start by washing and conditioning the hair with Joico’s new Color Infuse Brown Shampoo and Conditioner. This will help keep the hair healthy and give it some life before styling it. Following the wash, blowout the hair using Joico Heat Set until it is fully dry, using a Mason Pearson brush at the root area only. This will help create a loose and somewhat wild look through the ends.

2. Once the hair is dry, use Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum at your roots. Then use a Mason Pearson brush to gather the hair into a low ponytail. Confine the ponytail with an elastic and then wrap the elastic with a strand of hair to conceal it.

3. Next, in order to give the hair a full and voluminous texture, use hot rollers throughout the ponytail. Apply the rollers from the top of the ponytail and work your way through to the bottom. Let the rollers sit in the hair for 15 minutes to allow them to cool.

4. Once the rollers are cool, remove them and finger comb the curls gently. For a more voluminous look, use Joico Hair Shake throughout the ponytail working from the bottom up back combing with fingers to create texture and separation.

5. Finally, after achieving the desired amount of volume, tilt the client’s head back allowing the ponytail to hang freely and apply Joico Flip Turn Hair Spray to ensure the look will last. Lastly, do a final spray of the Flip Turn to ensure there are no flyaways.

“The Big Bang Theory”
Haley Cuoco’s Peter Pan Pixie

This look by Christine Symonds of Bryan’s Beauty Room in Beverly Hills is charming and über-textured!

Get the Look
1. On wet hair, create a horizontal section around the back of the head from eye to eye (just under the temporal bone) and clip away all hair above the section.

2. Starting in the back of the head, create vertical sections, lift each section and cut, creating a soft, diffused hairline.

3. Cut the entire back section in this manner.

4. Release the top section and blow-dry the hair with an EcoTools Smoothing Detangler Paddle Brush.

5. Cut the top section into an A-line bob shape that hits just above the jawline, point-cutting the ends to remove hard lines.

6. Create a circular section around the crown area, omitting the exterior length. Point-cut into this circular section with deep, long strokes to create lots of texture and movement. If the hair is thick, texturize the ends with thinning shears.

7. Wrap sections of hair around a 1½-inch curling iron for additional texture.

8. Separate and define strands with a wax or texture spray such as Bumble and bumble semisumo hi-shine, lo-hold pomade or Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray.

Taraji P. Henderson Goes Ice Purple

Taraji recently mixed it up with this iced purple ombré, courtesy of PRAVANA Guest Artist Marcia Hamilton and PRAVANA VIVIDS.

PRAVANA Color Formulas
Formula A: VIVIDS Blue

Formula B: Equal parts VIVIDs Clear + VIVIDS PASTELS Luscious Lavender

Formula C: VIVIDS Silver

Formula D: VIVIDS Violet


1. Prelighten the hair beneath the occipital from 1 to 2 inches off the scalp through the ends to a Level 10 using PRAVANA Pure Light Power Lightener and your choice of developer.

2. Working above the occipital, prelighten the hair 1 to 2 inches off the scalp through the midshaft to a light Level 7 and through the ends to a Level 10 using Pure Light Power Lightener and your choice of developer.

3. Starting in the nape, apply Formula A from the regrowth to the midshaft. Then apply Formula B through the ends.

4. In the next section, apply Formula A from the regrowth to the midshaft, then apply Formula C through the ends.

5. Working above the occipital, apply Formula D to the regrowth to the midshaft and alternate Formulas B and C through the ends.

6. Process for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature, then rinse with cold water. Shampoo, condition and protect with VIVIDS Color Protect After Care products. Style as desired.

“Modern Family”
Sarah Hyland’s Messy Chignon

Sarah’s hairstylist Ryan Richman created a look that balanced femininity with a bit of an undone edge. Here’s his style breakdown!

Get the Look
1. Prep damp hair with Bumble and bumble Thickening Full Form Mouse.

2. Blow-dry hair with a boar bristle round brush away from the face. For added volume and texture at the crown lift and rough-dry with your hands.

Add a natural wave to the hair by wrapping sections around a curling iron or wand in different directions.

Use Osmo Essence Clay Wax to define the wave by shaking out the hair with your hands.
5. Secure the lengths of the hair in a bun at the back of the head leaving out the hair line and the crown.

Finish by pinning pieces of the hair line and crown back towards your bun leaving them loose with texture. For added height at the crown backcomb before pinning. For added hold and humidity resistance, spray KMS California’s Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal to finish.

“How To Get Away With Murder”
Viola Davis’ Soft, Modern Fingerwaves

Viola was stunning in these classic yet updated fingerwaves.

Get the Look
Shampoo and condition with Joico K-PAK Shampoo and Conditioner.

Comb a pea-sized amount of Joico JoiGel Firm through damp hair.

Create a side part.

Create large, deep fingerwaves in the longest sections.

In the shorter side and nape sections, set the hair in pincurls, directed away from the face.

When hair is completely dry, remove all clips and gently brush through with a Mason Pearson-style brush.

“Once Upon A Time”
Jennifer Morrison’s Lived-In Bun

Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Trygstad revealed how he created this stylish messy bun at the Toronto International Film Festival.

1. Start by blow-drying the hair out with Oribe Thickening Mousse.

Once hair is completely dry, layer in Oribe Dry Texturing Spray at the root.
“This adds great texture and modality to the hair that is being put up in an updo,” said Trygstad.

Next make a high pony at the very top of the head, almost more forward than you would think.

Roll the hair into a twist, keeping the hair messy and sexy. “We wanted a very loose young look for this outfit,” Trygstad said. “Nothing to perfect or serious.”

Secure the messy bun into place with large French bobby pins and finish the style using a hairspray like White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray.

“2 Broke Girls”
Kat Denning’s Sleek Strands

Kat’s character, Max, usually rocks curly hair on the show, but she sported a sleek blowout for an episode. Celebrity hairstylist and “2 Broke Girls” department head stylist Pixie Schwartz revealed how she created Max’s life-changing new look:

1. Work White Sands The Cure 24/7 evenly through damp hair. “This leave-in treatment mends split ends, repairs damaged hair fibers and restores internal moisture, while making tresses stronger, smoother, and shinier,” says Pixie. “It features technology called Cellular Bridging that stimulates hair cell renewal with tiny micro-gels that fill tiny cuticle cracks.”

2. Blow dry with the FHI Heat Platform 2000 Dryer and a flat brush. Work in small sections. Then go over each section again with the dryer and a round brush. This creates more movement and bend at the ends to accentuate the long layers.

3. Finish by smoothing sections with an FHI Heat Platform 1-Inch Flat Iron and then work in a few drops of White Sands Orchids Oil for added brilliance and to tame flyaways. “The FHI dryer leaves the hair so smooth that I’m able to glide my iron through the hair in a matter of minutes to complete the look!” says Pixie.