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June 2, 2015

EXCLUSIVE HOW-TOS: Tips from BTC’s The Next Big Thing Booth at Premiere Orlando

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When BTC Founder and Creative Director, Mary Rector-Gable brought her vision of The Next Big Thing to life, she knew it would be a first-of-its-kind experiment. No one before had gone out of their way to showcase hairdresser-created products. But Mary believed that these products were uniquely brilliant—after all, who knows hair better than the people who work with it all day, every day! It was definitely a gamble, and if we learned anything at Premiere Orlando, it’s that our gamble paid off!


BTC had a whirlwind weekend, as thousands of ecstatic attendees filed through our booths to see our hairdresser-created products and their inventors and guest artists on our booth stage. We featured the De-Bulker by Michael Baker, Balayroo Color Applicator by Dana Bremner, VanishMax by Melvin Phillips, invisibobble by Sophie Trelles, Tangle Teezer by Shaun P., The Power Styler by Roi KorachKent.Salon Brushes and Pin-Up by Nicholas French.



After everything was over and the last attendees left the convention center, the BTC booth was sold out—with a stack of order forms to boot! Before our booth was running on empty, we made sure to pay each of our booth artists a visit to get their best tips for using our Next Big Thing products. Here are the reasons why each product was chosen for The Next Big Thing—with the best tips for using them to your advantage!


The De-Bulker




Why: The De-Bulker makes texturizing hair a quick, efficient, single-step process. Not just your regular clippers, each attachment was specially designed to eliminate bulk and minimize the time-consuming process of chipping and notching. The attachments include:  


The De-Bob: Designed for use on clients with finer hair, cuts small channels in the hair, allowing for a more natural texture and allowing a stylist maximum control.


The De-Bulk: The perfect attachment for creating moderate but noticeable texture and separation, breaking up solidness in the shape and allowing for more dimension and movement.


The De-Bush: Allows for a more extreme texture, giving stylists more creative freedom to create movement and texture on those clients with bulky, coarse hair.



Tip: “Where you start is where you want the hair to collapse to create that wispy, texturized look. If you have a client who typically moves her hair behind her ears, there’s a way to remove weight to make it look that way. Simply use the De-Bob clipper attachment on the strands directly above the ear. It will remove the weight in those strands, make it more airy and automatically look tucked behind the ear.” – Michael Baker, Founder


Balayroo Color Applicator



Why: As everyone knows, balayage is in high demand these days! But the process to create this dimensional look can be somewhat time consuming. The Balayroo applicator cuts down a 60 minute process in half without sacrificing quality consistency. Its innovative teeth hold in color, so there’s no dripping or spilling, and its special design ensures an even color distribution from roots to ends. Less mess, less time, beautiful balayage.



Tip: “Soft pressure is key for a more natural look. Take the top corner of the strand to create blended, natural-looking, freehand highlights. You can do one strand at a time or more at once, it’s up to you. Pinch your fingers in the tip of the Balayroo when you reach that top corner, and go back through the strands to soften the lines.” – Dana Bremner, Founder


Vanish Max



Why: VanishMax weave removal kit cuts a process that used to last over 60 minutes down to a mere one minute. It’s specially formulated thread and spray is 100% natural, organic and safe—lab tested and certified. To remove, spray the unique dissolving solution directly on to the VanishMax thread, and within seconds, the thread disintegrates and extensions are ready to come down. It can be used for all types of sewn-in augmentation.



Tip: “Thread all your tracks as you normally would and make sure each is in place. Eight weeks later, have your client come in, and mist each track thoroughly with the VMax spray, starting at the bottom of the tracks and coming up to the top. Wait one minute, then take the hair up into one ponytail and in one sweep, it will lift off.” – Doris Motley, Lead Educator for VanishMax 





Why: The invisibobble is an innovative creaseless hair ring that eliminates the need for extra pins and clips. It prevents headaches and split ends, doesn’t pull or tangle the hair and its hypoallergenic material makes for a cleaner, dirt-free hold. A versatile little ring, the invisibobble is the key to unlocking quick, easy updo-styling without the hassle. 



Tip: Messy Top Knot by Jenny Strebe, Confessions of a Hairstylist
1. Brush the hair back into a simple ponytail, using the Tangle Teezer to detangle and increase volume.
2. Make the first and second passes with the invisibobble tight, then make the last pass loose—allowing you to pass all the hair through the invisibobble.
3. Spray the hair with texture spray.
4. Create three sections.
5. Twist one section, pinch at the bottom of the strands and pull the hair upward to add bulk to the hair twists.
6. Find the loose spot in the invisibobble and loop the sections into the invisibobble—spreading the twist out once looped through to create volume. Spray the hair with texture spray.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the remaining two sections. 
8. Once all the hair has been added to the top knot, pinch small sections forward and back to create an erratic texture. Finish with texture spray.


Tangle Teezer



Why: There’s a reason why the Tangle Teezer is the #1 best-selling detangling brush in the world—it works! Whether you’re detangling the backbar (Aqua Splash), backbrushing to poufed perfection (Compact Styler), or giving any style that glossy finish (Salon Elite), the Tangle Teezer has you covered. Each model is lightweight, easy to wield and their specially designed teeth allow for gentle detangling and a clean finish.


Tip: “Since the Tangle Teezer is curved away from the hair, you can simply roll it through the lengths of the strand, instead of pulling and tugging at the hair. The ergonomically-designed brush gives you that grace and control when detangling, pulling color or conditioner through the hair.” – Sara Rith, Sales Executive at Tangle Teezer


The Power Styler



Why: The Power Styler cuts blow-dry time in half. With its unique ceramic plates, it acts as both a dryer and a flat-iron and has the ability to set any style: straight, wavy or curly. It leaves blow-dries lasting longer with a healthy, shiny finish. And assembly is super easy—just attach the clips to the end of any straight-edged hairdryer nozzle and you’re good to go.



Tip: “Since she has medium, dense hair with a wavy curl, the hair tends to frizz naturally on its own. With The Power Styler, I am sealing the cuticle and preventing that frizz, and in doing so, I’m maximizing shine, giving her that frizz-free, shinier look for longer.” – Katie Prendergast, BTC Artist


Kent.Salon Brushes



Why: Known as The Queen’s Brush since 1777, Kent.Salon Brushes are specially made with natural boar bristle that won’t damage hair. These brushes redistribute sebum from the scalp, leaving hair shiny and nourished, promoting healthy growth. Their polished steal tips make for perfect balance as well as a convenient soft point for sectioning hair. The handle is textured for the best grip and fits any hand size. And hair catching and pulling is a distant worry thanks to Kent.Salon’s strong, durable joint at the base of each brush. Whether it’s for backcombing, heat styling or dressing out, Kent.Salon has a brush for whatever you may need.



Tip: “All of the Kent.Salon Brushes have ceramic in some of the bristles, so when you’re blow-drying while brushing, you’re equally distributing the heat in the hair without creating those hot spots. So as it cools, it seals in the style.” – John Benline, BTC Artist 



For more photos of The Next Big Thing booth, click here!


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