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January 13, 2015

Enter the #WellaCares Challenge

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It’s no secret that hairdressers have huge hearts and open hands. That’s why Wella’s Charity Challenge has been a huge success since its launch— awarding a whopping total of $86,000 in funding to philanthropic beauty professionals. The money has gone to heart disease research, domestic abuse shelters, autism awareness, support for cancer patients and a slew of other causes near and dear to the winners’ hearts.


Now hear this. The challenge is on again—with a new name and another very important category. The Wella Charity Challenge is now the #WellaCares Challenge, renamed because, well, you really do care! And the folks at Wella have realized that your good works also include another very important recipient—namely, planet Earth! So now there’s a new category—inspired by the company’s Committed Beyond Beauty global sustainability initiatives— that focuses solely on salon sustainability. Now Wella will support the full scope of stylists’ efforts to effect change including efforts centered around conservation, recycling, energy conservation, etc.


“By adding the Salon Sustainability category in Wella’s annual salon competition, we aim to reach more hairdressers and salon owners,” says Mary Atherton, Sr. VP of Communication at Wella North America. “We want to inspire them to take action toward something they are passionate about.”


And here’s an important note: you don’t need to currently be running a charity program or recycling in your salon. Entries will be judged based on your IDEAS to give back or help the environment.


The awards are substantial. A total of $30,000 will be awarded to help salons make a noticeable impact in communities, both through charity work as well as environmental conservation efforts. One Grand Prize Winner in both categories will receive a $10,000 award; five additional winners in each category will receive $1,000 awards. Just think how many you could help!



psst! here are the secrets for winning
OK, we’re always up for giving BTC members the inside track, so we went to Mary and her team for some tips on how to create #WellaCares entries that the judges will really notice! Take note of these guidelines:


1. Quantify your impact. People remember pictures and numbers. So be sure to share the numbers and demonstrate your impact. How many lives did or would you impact with your idea? How many gallons of water did you or would you save? How many haircuts or blowouts did you or would you donate at your fundraising cut-a-thon? Easy to remember “sound bytes” and clean visuals make it easier for the voting public and judges to recall your entry.


2. Be visual. Pictures speak a thousand words, and videos speak a million. A great story or idea about making a difference in one person’s life—or 1,000 peoples’ lives—is great, but take it a step further. Make the judges really feel the emotion through an image or video. Come on—you’re artists, people! SHOW them what you’ve got!


3. Keep it short (and sweet). Concise, well-crafted entries tend to be the most memorable, reveals Mary. Think of it this way: if you had to judge over 100 entries, how much time would you spend reviewing each one? Exactly. That’s why long essays, while thoughtful, will likely get skimmed for key points. So focus your efforts on two or three key things you want the judges to take away, and really drive those points home!


Now that you have the overview, it’s time to get busy. Salon owners and hairdressers can submit entries through hairdressersatheart.com from January 12 through March 12, 2015. A public voting period will take place from March 26 through April 26, 2015, and the winners will be announced in May 2015. Good luck!