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February 24, 2015

Enter Goldwell’s 2015 Color Zoom Challenge!

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Colorists are some of the most multifaceted artists in the beauty industry, always striving to formulate the new “it” color or the next trendy hair painting technique—think of the rise of balayage over the past five years! Colorists are driven, they’re innovators and they love to showcase their color creations—so why not put them on stage to compete over their coloring skills! You know what this means? Yes, the Goldwell Haircolor Color Zoom Challenge is back and registration is now open!


Enter Goldwell’s Color Zoom Challenge Today!


From now until May 31, 2015, colorists can submit their application entries to the Color Zoom Challenge for a chance at winning the coveted gold, silver or bronze titles at the national level. This year’s theme, Traditional Rebels, is sure to draw a wide array of applicants with differing inspirations, which, according to Goldwell Artistic Team Director, Rebecca Hiele, was the goal all along. “The idea is all about starting with traditional cultural references but reconstructing it in a whole new way to create something entirely novel and multi-dimensional,” says Rebecca. “It’s one of the hottest trends in fashion right now—reimagined for hair!”


Get started by finding inspiration in the three different Traditional Rebels styles—Elegant Edge, Style Clash or Reinvented Tribal. From there, craft your own Traditional Rebel look, photograph the model that best radiates this style and submit your collection. National winners will be announced in July. All National Gold Winners will then compete for the international titles in October in Las Vegas at the Global Zoom Competition to become the next Global Creative Colorist, Global New Talent Colorist or Global Partner Colorist with Goldwell! International winners will gain worldwide recognition as they work on the Color Zoom Creative Team for an upcoming Color Zoom collection.


If anyone knows about the potential unlocked by the Global Zoom challenge, it’s Derrick Zeno, 2013 Gold Winner for Global Partner Colorist. “Winning the ultimate Color Zoom title in my category was an absolute honor and helped propel my career to new heights. In the years since, I’ve discovered my passion for helping other stylists hone their craft, traveling the world as an educator and mentor,” says Derrick.


Show Off Your Work, Enter the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge Today!

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