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December 21, 2016

Education That Comes Naturally

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In this day and age, more and more people are concerned with what they’re putting in and on their bodies—and haircolor is no exception. Fortunately, for those interested in a natural, organic haircolor, there is an option.


Organic Colour Systems uses certified organic and natural ingredients first and foremost, and will only use synthetic ingredients where there is no suitable alternative. Their mission? To do things in the most natural and healthy way possible, with a conscious decision to treat the hair and the health of your clients (and yourself) with the utmost respect. Check out Organic Colour Systems’ whole story!


There’s nothing like hands-on education to learn the ins and outs of a brand, and Organic Colour Systems’ workshops let you get up-close, learning everything from the fundamentals of their unique system to how to get the best possible gray coverage. See what we mean, then get all the details!





The Fundamentals
You have to start somewhere! Organic Colour Systems’ foundation is based on understanding the science and structure of hair—then learning how to properly treat it and optimize its condition before coloring. Get the details on how hair’s pH, protein content and moisture levels contribute to how you can best color your clients’ hair. You’ll also learn how to complete a Wet Stretch Test, which instantly allows you to assess your clients’ current hair situation.


Hair by @onesalonetobicoke.


Natural Blondes 
Blondes are a huge part of your business, but can also be some of the trickiest clients. According to Organic Colour Systems, conventional high-lift colors and bleaches can contribute to unwanted yellow tones and protein loss, leading to dull-looking, weak locks. This workshop will teach you how to create crisp, clean, natural blonde shades while sustaining the hair’s protein level for stronger hair and longer-lasting results.



Fashion Colors
Creative color is hotter than ever! Organic Colour Systems works with the hair’s natural pigment, so this workshop will teach you how to use that to your advantage. It covers how Organic Colour Systems’ Concentrates and Extra Brights can counteract the tones you don’t want and enhance the tones you do want. It also covers how keeping the hair in an optimal, balanced state can help you create rich, shiny shades. Plus, it covers the No Limits semi-permanent range.



Resistant Grays
Gray coverage means business—but there are a lot of factors that go into covering those stubborn grays. This workshop shows you how your consultation is crucial to knowing what color process will be best for each client, plus you’ll learn how to best open the hair’s cuticle to allow color pigment to penetrate the cortex. And, because at-home care is so important to maintaining that coverage, you’ll learn how to explain the importance of proper hair moisturization to your clients.


Now that you have the rundown, get out there and learn! If you’re interested in taking a workshop, email [email protected].