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November 3, 2014

Discovering True Inner Beauty

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By Heather Haemker


As a cancer survivor, David Wagner, owner/Daymaker for Juut Salonspas, understands the transformative nature of the disease on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. “We started shaving heads and created a sanctuary for survivors a number of years ago,” notes David. “We’ve shaved over 4,000 heads for people going through chemotherapy—and treated it as a sacred journey.”


In October of 2013, David brought this energy to the forefront at the Aveda Congress. “We wanted to share the sacred ritual of shaving a cancer patient’s head,” he explains. “The women we invited were in various stages of treatment and recovery, and presented themselves in such an inspiring way.”


Two women in particular really stood out for David. Elizabeth Mansfield recalls when she first felt a lump in her breast. She had a biopsy on December 31st and on January 2nd she was told she had breast cancer. “It was Happy Freaking New Year!” she laughs. “You never really know how you’re going to look, how you’re going to feel—what you will do when you realize you’re going to be bald.” Elizabeth had been through the hair loss process when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, but what took her by surprise was when she lost her eyebrows and lashes. That, she said, made her feel like a blank slate.



Elizabeth’s Makeover:
As Elizabeth’s hair began to grow back, David opted to keep it short so that it wouldn’t become fuzzy as it grew. He notes, “I believe it’s better to have really short hair that’s healthy than longer, distressed hair that’s been shocked by chemo.”


Color-wise, David decided to simply enhance Elizabeth’s gray and natural Level 5 with the following formula: Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit-Only Color Treatment 4 Y/O Light Golden Brown + Crème Color Treatment Activator. He processed the color for 20 minutes, the shampooed and conditioned the hair with Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner.


“The result,” he says, “is natural with lots of shine!” He adds, “We fitted Elizabeth for a $1,500 wig, but when her hair started to grow back, along with her brows and lashes, she put it aside and wore her short hair radiantly.”



Lindsey’s Makeover:
David’s second client, Lindsey Rae Knutson, was just 18 years old when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her cancer has now been in remission for a year, so David, along with team members Carrie “Woody” Theis and Kimberley Coffman, gave Lindsey an updated, playful crop with a fringe, and illuminated her blonde hair so she could truly shine.


They chose the following formulas for her natural Level 7:


Lift: Aveda Enlightener Powder Lightener + Aveda Cream Booster + 20-volume Aveda Color Cataylst


Tone: Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit-Only Color Treatment ½ 10vb/bb + ½ Universal ON + Color Activator


They lightened, processed and shampooed the hair, sprayed it with Aveda Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution, and toned.



The cut was created by combing all sections straight down with no overdirection, elevation or tension, and cutting the perimeter into a convex shape. Then the hair was graduated with blending scissors, worked in a back and forth motion, to remove length and weight and create shape. This technique, on dry hair, creates a diffused look, explains David, along with fullness and texture for fine, straight hair.



The Reveal: “I feel pretty again! exclaims Lindsey. “I didn’t know what to do with my hair when it started growing back. I also feel special that I was able to be part of the Aveda Congress show—I felt like I was famous!” And David notes, “We’re blessed to be in the world of beauty—and heart to heart resuscitation with another human being is the greatest act of beauty that I’ve witnessed.”