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April 6, 2015

Denman’s Jack Dean and the Essence of Adventure

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When most people leave the nest, they don’t fly too far from home—or at least, they wait until adulthood, when they have the means to go as far away as possible. But when Jack Denman Dean left home, he broke all the conventional wisdom. His breaking of the norms is what help fuel his future line of men’s grooming products. But in order to fully understand how his inspirational life led to a product line of brushes and hair products bearing his name, you must understand the man behind the moniker..


Jack was just a teenager—14 years old to be exact—when he left his home in Northern Ireland to venture off to sea to work on a ship. Within a few years, he was his ship’s chief engineer. After getting his sea legs in working order, he said “That’s enough” and made his way back to shore, this time in South Africa. He spent the next 20 years working for General Motors—indulging in his passion for cars and motorcycles. He would race his motorcycle for 360 miles from Johannesburg—in central South Africa—to Durban, a coastal city, simply to say “I did it.”


However, the call of London drew him back north, where he worked as an engineer and kick started Denman Product Limited, a line of household items and grooming products—including those hairbrushes and combs stylists still carry in their kits today. When war came to Britain’s shores though, the government recruited him to help the allies defeat the axis. Traveling between the UK, US and Canada, Jack worked with many top innovators of the time to create a fuel injection system for allied warships, allowing them to outpace Nazi U-boats, saving many allied lives in the process.



As the war drew to a close, Jack sailed back to the UK on the Queen Mary with a literal ton of nylon. Prior to the war, nylon had never been used for commercial purposes—it was just another material for the war machine. But Jack saw it differently—he figured this nylon could be used to revolutionize his brush business, making the bristles far stronger than ever before, giving him an edge on the market. Of course, he was right.


With his business booming, Jack worked elsewhere in the engineering world—revolutionizing railroads, plastics and numerous other inventions of the mid-20th century. When he felt his job was done, Jack sold Denman in the late 1960s and did something he hadn’t done since he was 14—he returned to the nest he left so long ago. But, of course, his restless mind wouldn’t allow for a quiet retirement. Along with becoming a published author, he started another business just so people in his town could find work. That’s the kind of man, Jack was—always thinking about how he could help others. He helped everyone he could up until he passed away in 1976, just three weeks shy of his 83rd birthday.


Today, Jack Dean’s spirit lives on through Denman as they continue to reinvent men’s grooming products, all based on the groundwork laid out by Jack. With Military Brushes for coarse hair, Club Brushes for fine hair and a slew of uniquely engineered shampoos, body washes, and styling products, Jack Dean will continue being an innovator in the men’s grooming industry. And it’s all because a 14-year-old boy decided to take a chance. 


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