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May 12, 2015

Cut Your Balayage Time in HALF!




Highlighting, balayage, hair-painting—no matter what the variation, these coloring techniques have been updating, evolving and, most importantly, staying on-trend—which is music to your ears! You love how hair-painting techniques offer an unlimited amount of artistic freedom, and your clients love the soft, natural-looking results they yield. There’s only one problem—balayage can be time consuming and inconsistent. Dana Bremner, a stylist from Grand Rapids, MI, recognized this to be true, so after 10 years working as a color specialist and educator, she set out to revolutionize how stylists balayage.

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“While the balayage technique provided my clients with a more natural-looking color treatment, many stylists (myself included) still did not fully embrace the technique due to the hassle involved and time needed to apply correctly,” says Bremner.

That’s why Dana created Balayroo—a new balayage tool that not only cuts down on application time, but also delivers less messy, more even color application. The Balayroo is a small applicator that opens and closes, applying color evenly on the top and the bottom of strands of hair in a sweeping motion.

To use, simply fill the applicator with color, place a strand of hair inside and sweep the applicator down through the hair. Color goes on quicker, cleaner and easier and saturates the top and bottom of the strand. And with Balayroo, a color service that would normally take an hour can be done in 15 to 30 minutes—meaning you can fill your book with twice as many color clients!

“This is the best new color tool I have seen in a long time,” says Cindy Monten of Art & Beauty in Excelsior, MN. “The Balayroo is a tool that colorists did not know they needed…until they use one! I am in love with this innovative addition to my tool box.”

Tonya Videan of Heidi Christine’s Salon & Spa in Grand Rapids, MI agrees. “Balayroo is the perfect tool,” she says. “It helps you achieve a natural balayage in a more precise and less time consuming manner.”