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March 5, 2015

Crimson Waves

Emma has never gone through an aggressive color change so when she approached stylist Michael Haase of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles to lift her locks, he did so in a way that would lighten her as much as possible without being too aggressive. Here is how he created her beautiful crimson waves!

Crimson Waves

Emma has never gone through a drastic color change. Maybe a gloss here and there, but she’s mainly remained true to her long, brunette tresses. So when she decided it was time for a change, she contacted hairstylist Michael Haase of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles. Michael has a meticulous eye for detail—he left no stone unturned during the consultation. He made sure he fully understood her hair’s porosity to ensure he could preserve the integrity of the hair, all the while formulating his plan to brighten her as much as possible without an aggressive lift. After careful consideration, Michael created a dimensional, soft crimson, accentuating the color with long, flowing waves.

Starting Level: 5

Color Formulas

Formula A: Wella Professionals BLONDOR Multi Blonde Lightening Powder + Wella Professional Color Touch 1.9% developer

Formula B:
Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 8/34 + 6/34 + 20-volume developer

Formula C:
Wella Professionals Color Touch 8/34 + 0/00 + 1.9% developer


1. Prep the hair with Malibu C Crystal Gel to treat the hair for buildup. Let the hair process for 15 minutes, then towel-dry.

2. Beginning 1 inch away from the scalp, apply Formula A. Saturate the strands thoroughly from 6 inches to the ends. Process for 15 minutes.

3. Apply Formula A to the base this time and process for 10 minutes. Saturate the ends for another 10 minutes.

4. Shampoo with Wella Professional Brilliance Shampoo and Post Color Treatment.

5. Mix Formula B at a 10:1 ratio. Apply in the same order as you applied Formula A, watching carefully as it processes. You are timing for permanent color, not gray.

6. Repeat step 4.

7. Mix Formula C at a 3:1 ratio. Apply throughout the entirety of the hair and process for 20 minutes.

8. Shampoo, condition and add Wella Professional Leave-In Balm followed by Velvet Amplifier to prepare the hair for styling.

9. Rough dry the hair. With a ¾-inch iron, wave the hair to expand or open the diameter of the curl in each section to 2 inches. Pin, fingerstyle and place.

For more of Michael’s color creations, visit his Instagram

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