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October 15, 2014

Crimson and Clover Color Formula

When a client came to Cindy Bui of Studio 1514 in Dallas, TX, looking for a change, Cindy knew the perfect way to add depth, dimension and shimmering color to her client’s ho-hum hair. See how adding sultry, red ombré and extensions completely changed the look! Here's how she did it.

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Color Formulas
Formula A (base): Keune 4.76  + 10-volume
Formula B (violet):  Keune 6.67 + 10-volume
Formula C (red violet): Keune 5.7 + 10-volume
Formula D (ombre for extensions): Keune 4.76 + 10-volume & Keune 6.67 + 10-volume & Keune 5.7 + 10-volme

Apply Formula A to all hair.

Ombré the ends of hair to a level 7.

Use a color block technique with Formulas B and C to create dimension.

Apply extensions. For Cindy’s client, she applied 5 bags of 24” cold fusion i-tip extensions from My Mermaid Hair extensions, which are installed individually.
Part hair into sections; from the natural part, the sides, and then the back.
Begin application near the nape in half inch sections, starting in the middle and working outward toward the sides.
The extensions should be placed close to the scalp so that they lay flat; avoid placing directly on the scalp to prevent pain. The correct amount of hair should be able to fit in the bead along with the tip of the extensions.
Use a “bricklay” placement pattern for the most natural look and to achieve the maximum fullness.


TIP: Cindy likes to pre-book her clients with extensions every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid damage and tangles. This is when she opens the beads, slides the extension tips up closer to the scalp and closes the beads—just like new!

Custom ombré all hair with Formula D.

Strategically place darker extensions at the bottom for more depth and mix them in as you work toward the top of the head. This adds depth and  dimension.

Lastly, razor-cut extensions to blend with the natural hair.

Cindy’s Pro Tips:
“I like to have clients pre-book the maintenance for their extensions every 6-8 weeks to have them moved back up close to their scalps! I also absolutely love Moroccan Oil for dry hair and for extensions. It keeps the longevity of the hair and leaves it soft, shiny, and it smells amazing! Moroccan Oil Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner to help keep the hair soft and moisturized as well. I also love “It’s a 10” for a leave-in conditioner!”