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January 15, 2017

Color That’s Breaking The Internet: Color Melt

By Jackie Summers

Has there ever, in all of hair history, been a better time to be a colorist? So many amazing shades at your disposal. So many special effects, so many techniques. And best of all—how about those clients? Never before have the customers sitting in your chair been so enthusiastic about creative colors like daffodil and cotton candy and Kelly green. From eight to 80, they’re open to everything, eagerly swiping through their personal haircolor inspiration collections, pointing to this amethyst shade and that peach and blue color melt, imploring you, “Can we do that on my hair?”

Credit social media for this explosion of color creativity, and because of that, keep a close eye on your feeds. Social media is where trends take hold, which means you have to pay attention. Because when the swiping stops on the latest “It” color technique, you’ll be asked to deliver. Here, we’ve gathered the hottest trends with huge “likes” to bring you up to speed!

Mint Fade
By Chris Weber (@chrisweberhair)

Natural/Starting Level: This client’s hair was already green from a previous color service.

L’Oréal Professionnel Color Formulas
Formula A (balayage): Blond Studio Freehand Techniques Powder + 30-volume Majicrème Developer

Formula B (toner): DIA LIGHT 10/21 + activator

1. Apply Formula A as balayage highlights and process for 30 minutes.

2. Reapply Formula A to soften the blend, maintaining some of the original green at the roots to create the mint fade. Then tone the ends using Formula B.

Azure Melt
y Linh Phan (@bescene)

Schwarzkopf Professional Color Formulas
Formula A (balayage): BLONDME 9+ + 30-volume developer + b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Formula B (base): IGORA ROYAL equal parts 4-13 + 6-23 + 1/10 0-22 + 1/10 IGORA ColorWorx Blue + 7-volume developer

Formula C (ends): IGORA ROYAL 12-2 + 1/10 6-23 + 1/10 IGORA ColorWorx Blue + 7-volume developer


Blueberry Lemon Swirl
y Sadie Gray (@sadiejcre8s)

Natural/Starting Level: This model arrived with 2 inches of virgin Level 6 growth, 3 inches of Level 5 color and balayaged ends.

Color Formulas
Formula A: Schwarzkopf BLONDME + 20-volume developer + Olaplex

Formula B: Schwarzkopf BLONDME + 7-volume developer + Olaplex

Formula C: Joico Color Intensity Sapphire Blue

Formula D: Kenra Professional Color 10 SM + 9-volume developer

Formula E: PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS Yellow

Apply thin slices of Formula A on the pre-colored hair, extending it to the blonde ends.

2. After processing, perform a bleach wash with Formula B to brighten the midlengths and ends.

3. After processing, shampooing and drying the hair, apply Formula C to the root area, extended out 2 inches; Formula D to the midlengths and Formula E to the last 2 to 3 inches, separating all of the sections with EmBee Meche.