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September 29, 2016

COLOR, Cut and Style 2016: It was a PARTY!

COLOR, Cut & Style 2016—a weekend so emotional, so fun and so inspiring it’s hard to explain. We met new friends (we know all of you did, too!), we partied with you at the #ONESHOT Hair Awards and we invited a select group of major artists to take the stage to educate and inspire you to continue growing as an artist behind the chair and in life. Here, we’re breaking down everything that went on during our favorite time of year (COLOR, Cut & Style time!!!) from the days leading up to the show to every party that went down to the #ONESHOT Hair Awards and daily recaps. If you missed the show, we got it all right here, and if you were there to experience the magic in person, here’s your chance to relive all the action. Join us this year at COLOR, Cut & Style, Aug. 20-22 in Austin, Texas! Get tickets here!



It was our biggest year ever with almost 3,000 attendees!

The Inspiration

The theme for COLOR, Cut & Style always seems to just happen. It’s a sign here, or a message there. It can be sparked by something someone says, a quote from a favorite novel or an experience the BTC team has. This year was no different. We were sitting in our office talking about life—the world and everything we get consumed by—when we spotted a rainbow outside our office. It was a sign, a sign of light in a world that can sometimes be consumed by negativity or darkness. When behindthechair.com Creative Director and Founder Mary Rector-Gable saw that rainbow, the idea of “Light” was instantly born, and so was the theme for this year’s COLOR, Cut & Style. Learn more about the inspiration for COLOR, Cut & Style 2016.

“There is a darkness that’s casting a shadow on the world around us today.
That shadow only grows larger when we turn our back to the light,
and we watch the sun go down in the distance behind us,” Mary said.
But we don’t have to fear that darkness, we simply must choose to find the light.


Goody Bags Galore!
So, we know the show is all about the stage presentations, the friendships made and the opportunity to walk away completely inspired and rejuvenated in your craft, right? RIGHT. But we’d all be lying if we said weren’t completely stoked to check out those goody bags! This year our swag bags were ~insane~ but packing them up for all of you was even crazier! It took two days and plenty of volunteers, but we got ‘em done and we hope you all enjoy! Big shout out and thank you to our amazing volunteers from Florida Career College and Paul Mitchell The School in Florida!


By now, you’ve probably heard the name Mark Bustos, and if you were at this year’s COLOR, Cut & Style show, maybe you had the opportunity to meet him. Mark is a rare soul—he’s an incredible hairdresser who spends every Sunday, rain or shine, walking the streets of New York City giving haircuts to the homeless. This year, for the second year in a row, Mark came to our COLOR show, and for the second year in a row we assembled a group of hairdressers to join Mark at the Broward Partnership Shelter to cut the hair for those a little less fortunate than us. The experience was incredible and being part of Mark’s mission,#BeAwesomeToSomebody, is something the BTC team will forever support.

You Guys Got Wet With BTC!

We took over the pool at the Hyatt Pier 66 for an exclusive pool party with some of your favorite social media stars! @bescene, @hairgodzito, @mattyconrad and@markbustos were so much fun to hang out with (especially when they cannonballed into the pool together!). We also got to share some of our fave BTC swag with you!

Cocktails For Our #ONESHOT Finalists

How does BTC celebrate the nearly 300 #ONESHOT finalists the night before the awards? We throw a party, of course! We also revealed our #ONESHOT gallery that featured every single finalists’ photo. It was so amazing to meet every finalist (and for them to meet one another!) and celebrate the fantastic work they do every day.


The #ONESHOT finalists party is lit! ??????Celebrating everyone’s amazing work with all of our friends ???? #behindthechair #btccolor2016

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COLOR, Cut & Style: Day 1

The first day of the show started super strong with L’ANZA Healing Haircare in their first appearance on our stage! We also saw Kenra Professional (with Robb Dubré, Laken Rose, Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor), L’Oréal Professionnel(balayaging with Nancy Braun!), Paul Mitchell (Robert Cromeans had the crowd laughing as always) and TIGI® (where Anthony Mascolo introduced 10 up-and-coming platform artists all under age 25 who did a five-day bootcamp with the TIGI® team to learn how to be amazing as on-stage educators!). In short, it was a totally packed day that gave us a strong start to the show. Check out the full day’s recap!


#ONESHOT Hair Awards

By now, you probably know that we started the #ONESHOT Hair Awards to celebrate real hair in a completely transparent way. We wanted an awards program where hairdressers could enter their work, see the work of others and have the chance to vote for their favorite shot. We knew after the first year of #ONESHOT we were onto something big—but we know after this year, we’re onto something huge. This show brings people together in a way we’ve never seen in the industry. It allows hairdressers to continue being creative behind the chair, to push the boundaries and to stay inspired. Check out the winners and feel the rush we all felt at this year’s #ONESHOT Hair Awards!

COLOR, Cut & Style: Day 2

The show’s second day was full of fabulous coloring techniques capped off with the most cutting-edge editorial styling (and ways to bring those ideas to the salon). Mary started the day off with positive vibes when she gave everyone a glimpse behind behindthechair.com and brought some of her team onstage to talk about how we maintain a positive culture and value strong teamwork. The team shared their stories, and then an audience member came onstage to tell Mary how much BTC has helped her. Then we got into COLOR! Kim Vo and the Schwarzkopf Professional team started, then Joico (with Denis De Souza), Beth Minardi Signature (an AMAZING presentation!) and Farouk Systems (featuring Anna Cantu, Patrick Kalle, Maurice den Exter and Richard Jordan). The day ended with a switch from color to editorial styling with label.m, who ROCKED it by showing how classic techniques can be amped up to an avant-garde level. Get a closer look at Day 2!


COLOR, Cut & Style: Day 3

Our Cut & Style day was a fun one, starting with Matty Conrad and Mark Bustos’ #NoFilter approach to barbering. They also brought show attendee Ala onstage to share her story of traveling from Saudi Arabia (a place where women must be escorted by men at all times) to attend this year’s show. “You have to follow your dreams regardless of your environment,” she shared. Then we saw BTC bridal guru Stephanie Brinkerhoff for ghd and Kenra Professional create those perfectly imperfect updos you can use on your brides OR just for a fun night out. We also saw Moroccanoil® (with editorial edge from Peter Gray, Kevin Hughes and Violet Sainsbury), celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa (who showed just how functional the Beachwaver® can be), R+Co (with LEGENDS Garren, Howard McLaren and Thom Priano) and the Schorem Barbers (who were obviously totally insane and definitely a crowd favorite!). It was the perfect end to a perfect show! See all of Day 3 here!


Celeb Stylist Panel

It’s not COLOR, Cut & Style without our famous Celeb Stylist Panel! For the third year in a row we chatted with some of the biggest hairdressers who are the masterminds behind the hair for your favorite celebrities, from Gisele to Jennifer Aniston to Adriana Lima and Miley Cyrus, these stylists have done them all! This year we welcomed Sally Hershberger, Harry Josh, Sarah Potempa, Justin Anderson and Anthony Cristiano to get the inside scoop on everything that goes into working with the stars!

“Social Studies” Media Panel

Social media, and Instagram in particular, has changed everything in our industry. So, when we were planning COLOR, Cut & Style this year, we thought bringing a panel of social media experts out onstage would be something that everyone would not only love, but could also really benefit from. Mark Bustos, Johnny Ramirez, Anh Co Tran, Rebecca Taylor, Linh Phan, Stephanie Brinkerhoff and Matty Conrad all took the stage Monday afternoon and chatted with Mary about the best ways you can build your brand online. Because, these days, it really is all about the ‘gram! See everything they had to say.