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September 29, 2016

COLOR, Cut and Style 2016: Finding the Light

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When it came time to finalize this year’s COLOR, Cut & Style theme, behindthechair.com Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable had one reality stuck on her mind: The more connected we have become, the more disconnected we actually are. This theme of finding the light was intended to remind each of us of the light within us and the importance of reigniting those flames by being together and reconnecting to that positive light. 



“There is a darkness that’s casting a shadow on the world around us today. That shadow only grows larger when we turn our back to the light, and we watch the sun go down in the distance behind us,” Mary said at the opening of COLOR, Cut & Style 2016. “But we don’t have to be fearful of that. We can have hope. We can reach our hand into the darkness and pull another hand into the light. Because it’s only during the darkest part of the night when dawn arrives.”


The power of touch is simple, it can harm or it can help. How do you plan to utilize that power? Will you give it to someone who needs light? Or will you take it away, keeping it to yourself? Here at BTC, we believe in the power of touch and the good that we can create by bringing someone into the light. This year’s COLOR, Cut & Style was all about allowing us to reiginite those flames in each other, bringing light to the surface into the light around us.

For her Monday Morning Inspiration, Mary brought a few members of the BTC team out on stage to talk about topics such as why hiring young people isn’t such a bad thing, staying positive when stress levels are high and how to handle a negative team member. Check it out! 



The funny thing about inspiration is that sometimes you never really know your impact on others until they vocalize it, but when those come to light they can be powerful stories. Two women recently shared their stories, one before and one during COLOR, Cut & Style 2016, and we decided to share those during our three days in Florida.

As Francie Sorem was preparing for her fourth time attending the show, she sent an email to Mary detailing why she keeps returning and what this show means to her. “I keep returning becasue it’s the act of leaving my mind open for three days to not only accept what is directed to me, but opening up my thoughts and inspriations to accept the ideas that your event brings out in me,” Francie shares in the email. Francie also shared that that she was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer, and despite undergoing chemotherapy, she traveled to Fort Lauderdale all the way from California to share this experience with her assistant for the first time, a perfect example of one choosing to pull another hand into the light.


While listening to the BTC team during the Monday Morning Inspiration, Carolina Matias ran to the stage before she even realized she was telling her story to not only Mary and the BTC team, but to the 3,000 other audience members in attendance. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Carolina owned a salon in New York, where she lived for most of her life. However, she passed the salon on to a team member and moved to Florida. “On behalf of all the hairdressers here, thank you for changing our lives. This is my first time here and my life has changed,” she shared. “I was walking out of my shop giving it to one of my girls…but you have given me a spark. I’m starting over. Thank you for not giving up because I gave up on myself and now I have a light.”