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October 1, 2015

COLOR, Cut and Style 2015 – Day 2

The second day of BTC’s 2015 COLOR, Cut & Style show got serious. Serious education, serious motivation and a seriously moving presentation by show favorite Sonya Dove of Wella Professionals

COLOR, Cut & Style 2015 –  Day 2
Wella Professional, Kenra Professional, L’Oréal Professionnel, Schwarzkopf Professional, Beth Minardi

The second day of BTC’s 2015 COLOR, Cut & Style show got serious. Serious education, serious motivation and a seriously moving presentation by show favorite Sonya Dove of Wella Professionals


It was like witnessing a metamorphosis. Wella Professionals Global Ambassador Sonya Dove stepped onto the stage as a solo act for the first time in her 30 year career, determined to do things her way!  “I’m going to take you on a journey,” she told the audience, “and share the things that truly inspire who I am and what I do.” She proceeded to share looks informed by her muses—nature, food, music—and at the same time, shared raw and honest revelations about her personal struggles as an artist and an educator.The audience cheered and showered her with love when a tearful Sonya admitted, “When Mary first invited me to do the show alone after Christopher (Dove) and I ended our professional partnership, I turned her down. I didn’t think I was good enough for all of you.” Well, Sonya, the five minute standing ovation you received proved that you are more than good enough, once and for all!

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Kenra Professional’s Robb Dubré, Laken Rose and David Lopez brought their Jewel Collection to life, showcasing color designs inspired by the 12 birthstones. Color placement for each was inspired by two of the most iconic gemstone cuts—trillion and heart shape—which, noted Robb, give every gem an element of individuality. As with every Kenra Collection, the techniques were straightforward, easy to execute, wearable and ready to implement into any salon repertoire. Lopez, who works with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, also shared some quick styling and finishing tips for red-carpet-ready looks.  

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Don’t mess with these sassy ladies! COLOR Show favorites Nancy Braun, Theresa Adams and Min Kim of L’Oréal Professionnel returned with more straight shooting tips and techniques on the world’s most popular haircolor technique—balayage. In addition to presenting modern color designs like a sun-kissed blonde, a “bronde” bob and highlighted curls—the trio shared insights into tools, formulations, placement strategies and troubleshooting…all real world education for serious balayage artists. Nancy left the audience with these words of wisdom: “After every spin class you get stronger,” she said. “After every balayage, you get better. It takes lots and lots of practice!”

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The passion was palpable when popular COLOR artist Kim Vo stepped onstage to share two shimmery, “painting on sunshine” blonding techniques.  His cool rosé and warm blonde techniques resonated with every blonde-loving professional. He was joined by Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Directors Damien Carney and Rossa Jurenas, who shared tips for flattering clients of all ages. “These clients are important,” declared Rossa. “The grandmas in my chair aren’t yesterday’s grandmas!  It’s thanks to these clients that we’re making money!”  Damien, who has won numerous awards for his photographic work, provided insights into styling and fashion choices for the most flattering end results for clients of every age.


She has set the standards for haircolor education, and is responsible for uplifting the image and the proficiency of the haircolor profession. So the crowd was ready and waiting for Beth Minardi, creator of Beth Minardi Signature color, to close the show and she didn’t disappoint. Fresh off of her COLOR, Cut & Style Look and Learn class two days prior, she was in rare form. “I know I’m talking to advanced color professionals,” Beth declared, and went on to provide an in-depth review of color chemistry, tips on consultation and formulation strategies and advice on professional behavior. “Think about how a doctor, lawyer, teacher, entrepreneur behaves in their place of business,” she advised. “It’s ok to let loose and be creative, but not in front of your clients, your staff or your colleagues. Don’t lower yourself in the eyes of others.”  Her no-nonsense advice earned her the second standing ovation of the day. 

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