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November 6, 2014

Coifed To Crimped—A Styling

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You’ve got a client who is rocking some blonde to tropical citrus ombré. But she wants some rad styles to play up her bold ‘do. So what can you do?  Charlie Price, International Creative Consultant for Scruples, shares a curled and crimped look to take her from street to rocker-chic in no time with a little help from INDIE HAIR!


Curled to Perfection



1. Apply INDIE HAIR gel #mixitstrong scalp to ends.


2. Blow-dry hair until completely dry.


3. Using a large barrel curling iron and take 1-inch sections, curling the hair in a spiral pattern, moving right to left along the head.


4. Take a boar bristle brush and brush the hair several times into the desired shape.


5. Slick one side of the hair back using INDIE HAIR spray glue #dirtyfinish ( you can also pin the hair back if necessary).


6. Finish hair with a spritz of INDIE HAIR hair spray #superfirm.


Crimped Texture



1. Mix INDIE HAIR gel #mixitstrong and INDIE HAIR polish #mixitsoft, and apply scalp to ends.


2. Blow-dry hair straight with a paddle brush.


3. Taking small ¼-inch subsections and crimp hair with a crimping iron scalp to ends.


4. Working in the fringe area, backcomb and shape the hair into a pompadour shape.


5. Slick the sides back with INDIE HAIR spray glue #dirtyfinish, pin back using bobby pins.


6. Finish hair with a spritz of INIDE HAIR hair spray #superfirm.


Who Did It:
Hair Cutter: Charlie Price, Katie Mrotek, Jeffery James, Chris Dore, Katie Nielsen
Hair Styling: Charlie Price
Colorist: Katie Mrotek, Jeffery James, Chris Dore, Katie Nielsen
Makeup: Kumi Goanaeh
Photography: Mel Watson

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