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October 5, 2015

Ciao Bella! The Italian Wedding Job

For a recent booking, BTC Bridal Expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff needed to pack a passport along with her irons and hairspray, because she was hired for a four-day wedding event on the glamorous island of Capri in Italy!

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For most artists, an off-site wedding gig could mean doing hair at the church or the country club instead of the salon. Sometimes the venue is even a bit more exotic, like a nearby beach or hilltop cabin. But for a recent booking, BTC Bridal Expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff needed to pack a passport along with her irons and hairspray, because she was hired for a four-day wedding event on the glamorous island of Capri in Italy!


George Clooney vacations on the Italian island of Capri.
It was an exotic and luxurious location
for a destination wedding!


Picked From Pinterest

The client knows a thing or two about weddings—she actually works for wedding gown designer Vera Wang! Like any bride, she created a Pinterest board for hairstyle and makeup inspiration, and very soon it was evident—all of her pins were photos of Stephanie’s work. So she sent an email inquiring about Steph’s availability and rates, and they struck a deal.


Planning Sessions
Steph was contracted to do the hair for the bride and her mother for the following events over the course of the weekend—a cocktail party at a rooftop pool on Thursday night; a boat ride and snorkeling party on Friday; an outdoor rehearsal dinner in a lemon grove on Friday night; the ceremony at Capri’s Gardens of Augustus (a stunning hilltop location with panoramic views) on Saturday and the reception at a swank beach club on Saturday night. “Capri is a small island, very beautiful and very ritzy!” says Steph. “It’s where fancy people go to vacation.” Think Mr. and Mrs. Clooney, Mariah Carey and Rihanna.


Because the bride lives in California, and travels to New York for work, and Steph’s in Salt Lake City, UT, a personal consultation was out of the question, so planning was essential. Steph started by sending a detailed questionnaire to both the bride and her mom. “I tried to go as in-depth as possible,” she reveals. “I asked lots of questions about their hair, what they liked and didn’t like, the hair and makeup products and colors they preferred. They mentioned a couple of specific lip colors and a concealer they use, so I bought them. The bride has sensitive skin, so the products were very important.”



The Looks
Based on the pre-planning, Steph and her client came up with the following looks:

· Half-up and half-down for the cocktail party with voluminous curls and dramatic eye makeup.

· A braided ponytail with lots of volume, bound by a ’60s-inspired scarf plus simple (waterproof) makeup for the boating excursion.

· A half-and-half look with a polished curl and classic makeup for the rehearsal dinner.

· A low, curled chignon to anchor the elaborate hair accessory, plus timeless makeup for the wedding day.

The bride’s mom requested tasteful, curled looks and classic makeup.



Packing Strategy
Pre-planning simplified Steph’s packing since she had each look locked down in advance, but she was prepared! “I packed two flat irons, curling wands, curling irons and of course outlet adaptors,” she reveals. “When relying on electrical power in another country you have to have back-up tools! I also brought my bobby pins, backcombing comb, hairspray and spray wax. I checked the weather and knew it would be hot, but not too humid. And I packed some of my products and tools in a carry-on, just in case our luggage got lost!”


The Fees
Though not always the case, this particular negotiation was smooth. “For destination weddings, I normally charge a flat day rate for the bride and up to two other people,” Steph explains. “The client picks up my travel expenses. For this job, though, the bride’s budget was much higher than my day rate, so she just sent me a check and I took care of my own travel expenses.”


Stephanie Brinkerhoff combined her assignment with a European holiday.


The Experience
Understandably, Stephanie and her husband saw this project as an amazing and rare opportunity to visit Europe. So, along with another couple, they planned a vacation prior to the wedding, flying into Zurich and road tripping through glorious locales in Switzerland, Lake Como, Venice and Tuscany on their way to Capri. Once they arrived at the location, Steph describes the bride as “laid back and chill,” and she insisted that once her hair and makeup were finished, Steph and her husband relax and continue their holiday. With the exception of the wedding day, of course! “I went to the ceremony, which I always love to do, and I touched her up afterward,” Steph recalls. “The wedding day was amazing. After they exchanged their vows, a traditional Italian band showed up and there were old folks and kids dressed in traditional costumes and they led the wedding party in a parade through the streets! When would you ever be part of something like that?”


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