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March 1, 2016

CHI and Zendaya say #REALisBEAUTIFUL

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Perspectives are shifting and a new breed of Millennials are fearless about their message of empowerment: women, embrace who you are, because the real you is beautiful. Cue Zendaya, a stunning starlet who lets her positive light shine and her message of uplifting other women be heard.


Farouk Systems, Inc., the owner of CHI, has known all along that each individual woman has her own special beauty, and now they’re teaming up with Zendaya, for the #REALisBEAUTIFUL campaign to encourage women to express themselves in bold and exciting ways, all while being your authentic self.


And as a hairstylist, YOU have the power to help your clients find their #REALisBEAUTIFUL. Check out the how-to below to get the look from Zendaya’s photo shoot!


Rock Zendaya’s Confidence and Her Curls!



1. Apply CHI Styling Cream Gel and blow-dry hair.


2. Use CHI Dry Shampoo at roots to add volume.


3. Using the G2 Styling Iron, curl hair in 1-inch sections by wrapping around 1 1/2 times and sliding to ends. Set hair horizontally, clip and let cool.


4. Once curls have set, release curls and brush hair.


5. Emulsify a small amount of CHI Finishing Pomade and gently comb waves into place.



 Check out what Zendaya has to say about being the
first-ever celebrity ambassador for CHI!