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June 23, 2015

Cara Delevingne’s Carefree Styles

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Cara Delevingne looked soft and elegant during her Paper Towns film promotional tour thanks to her secret weaponUNITE European Art Director, Daniel Jordan. Here is Daniel’s foolproof steps for creating not one, but two of Cara’s soft, effortless styles.


Carefree Waves


1. Start with UNITE VOLUMIZING Shampoo & Conditioner before applying a generous amount of UNITE ELEVATE Mousse to the roots and lengths of the hair.


2. Rough-dry the hair making sure to pull the hair away from the root and in the direction you want the hair to fall.


3. Get this right at the prep stage to ensure the hair will stay in place.


4. Next, use tongs to create loose curls.


5. Tip the head upside down and spray in UNITE TEXTURIZA Spray to add texture and volume.


6. Brush through with the UNITE Paddle Brush, the boar bristle won’t bestroy the integrity of the curl and will crease a loose wave.


7. Set the hair with UNITE MAXCONTROL.


Boho Curls


For a more Bohemian vibe, try this undone look sported by Cara. These curls are a little more tousled and windswept, perfect for summer concerts in the sun or days on the beach.



1. Begin by washing the hair with UNITE SMOOTHING Shampoo & Conditioner to tame any rebellious flyaways and ensure that hair is kept looking shiny throughout the day.


2. Spray UNITE BOOSTA Spray thoroughly to the hair, concentrating on the root and dry using a large round brush like UNITE’s 53mm Round Brush.


3. Next, loosely wrap sections of the hair around a curling wand for around 15 seconds.


4. Run your fingers through the hair to separate the curls and finish the look with a spritz of UNITE MAXCONTROL, as this will give the hair the freedom to bounce while also ensuring the curls hold in place.

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