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October 9, 2015

Calling All Dads! “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory” Is Exactly What You Need In Your Life

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This dad created a workshop to help other dads learn how to style their daughter’s hair and it’s probably the cutest thing you’ll read about all day. Seriously, if there was a “Dad of the Year” award, Philippe Morgese would definitely be in the running.


Philippe is a single father and the founder of Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a workshop set up at the International Academy in Daytona, to teach fathers how to care for their daughters’ hair. The class aims to inspire fathers to learn the art of some basic haircare techniques and according to the Facebook page, Philippe says, “It’s a great way to bond and create memories that last a lifetime.”


Philippe says he is not a professional, but decided to organize the class after several friends asked him for help with doing their own daughters’ hair.


At the first class, Philippe taught seven other dads how to master the art of brushing hair and making ponytails, buns and braids.



After sharing his story on Reddit, Philippe has received a ton of support from people all over the internet. On user wrote, “This is truly awesome. I know some guys who would definitely do this. It’s a parenting win…massive props for facilitating another way to create such an important bond!!”


The positive feedback he has received from the participating dads and from people online has inspired him to continue with the workshop. He plans to hold a class every month to continue helping fathers in his community. “It’s not even about the hair, it’s about the bond, it’s about coming together and sharpening our skills. I’m excited to inspire.”


For more information on Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, check out the Facebook page!