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October 31, 2014

Business: Social Media = FREE Advertising

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If you want to become a social media darling, read closely. The most famous upstyling and wedding specialist in the social media world shares her inside tips on how to make social media work for you. With over 5 million Pinterest followers, 900,000 Facebook fans and 200,000 on Instagram, Stephanie Brinkerhoff has a little bit of experience. In her second BTC exclusive hit webinar, Updo Trends & Techniques, available in the BTC bookstore, Steph encourages stylists to use social media because after all, it’s free advertising! Below she shares important tips on how to keep it professional and effective.


• Keep the viewer in mind. Whenever you are going to post something, always think, “What do my viewers want to see?” It’s important to keep your following in mind anytime you post, so you keep them interested. Make them want to follow you because your content is relevant to their career, and they will view your pages frequently. 



• Show your personality in the right way. Social media allows you to display your work, but to also show your followers who you are and your personality. Keep the majority of your posts about your work, but every once in a while, share with your followers a personal post so they know who you are. This will make your following even more loyal. Steph uses the 90/10 rule. Keep posts 90% about work and 10% positive, fun, inspiring personal.



• Act, don’t react. If, by chance, you ever get a negative comment or a bad review, always respond professionally, or don’t respond at all. Never react, always give it some thought and then act in a professional way. If you believe it’s in your best interest to delete the comment then do it. If you have a continued problem with a viewer, then block their access to your page. Above all, let it go. The more followers you have, then more likely it becomes that you’ll get a negative comment from time to time.


• Don’t get discouraged. Remember that it’s going to be impossible to make everyone happy all of the time. People can be brutal on the internet, but for everyone who is hard to please, there are a lot more who are very pleased with what you are doing. Stay positive and remember not to take things personally.


In BTC’s webinar with Steph, Updo Trends & Techniques, you’ll also find step by step techniques and more tips for building a strong wedding and updo client base. Steph’s most popular styling techniques are featured in her best-selling book Elegant Upstyles for Today’s Bride. You’ll find over 100 bridal and upstyling images, along with step-by-steps for 15 modern, popular looks. Undoing the Updo, her first 90 minute BTC Webinar, a huge hit with stylists, is also available in the BTC Bookstore.  

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