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September 5, 2014

BTC’s Early Faves from NYFW ’15

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Spring/Summer 2015 New York Fashion Week is off to a great start, and team BTC is right in the middle of all the back stage action. From utterly outlandish to totally wearable, here are a few of our favorites so far!


The Show: Peter Som



Lead Stylist: Eugene Souleiman for Wella Professionals


Inspiration: Peter Som describes his newest collection as “classic all-American style through the vibrant lens of pop art.” His inspiration comes from American pop art and the artists who created it—including his favorite artist, Roy Lichtenstein. To complement the collection, Eugene wanted to create hair that looked strong and unique, but not too contrived. “This look is quite graphic,” says Eugene. “In the front, it looks sharp and minimal—almost handsome. So in the back I wanted to add something slightly more intricate and feminine.” A juxtaposition of sophistication and masculinity, this look is elegant and sexy, with an edgy, masculine feel.


Get the Look:



1. Wash and condition hair using Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner to preserve the brilliant shade and shine of color-treated hair.


2. Spray Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz liberally at the roots, then blow-dry pulling hair upward to create volume.


3. Once hair is dry, create a deep left side part, then add a generous amount of Wella Professionals Extra Volume Mousse to the top layer of hair from the forehead to the crown.


4. To that same section of hair, layer on Wella Professionals Sculpt Force to both keep hair in place and to add a sleek sheen to the front of the hair.


5. Next, use a wide bristle brush and blow-dry the top section of hair from the root for added volume.


6. Take the top half of hair (right above the ears) and gather at the crown of the head. Divide the hair in three sections and French braid until all of the remaining hair has been added, then secure with a clear elastic.


7. Add a small amount of Wella Professionals Sculpt Force to any flyaways and to the very tip of the braid.


8. Diffuse hair dry to hold in place then finish by misting the whole head with Wella Professionals LuxeOil Light Oil Shine Spray.


The Show: Chromat 



Lead Stylist: Chuck Amos for Oribe Hair Care


Inspiration: New York-based fashion label Chromat’s highly architectural pieces have long been a cult favorite among the trendsetting downtown crowd and a tour staple for the likes of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Madonna. This season, lead designer Becca McCharen was inspired by the intricate lines of artist Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings, which played a key role in determining the beauty look. Lead stylist Chuck Amos created a highly editorial look featuring a topknot and winding cornrows to compliment the clothes. “I love using a combination of [Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream] and [Oribe Gel Sérum] to braid,” says Chuck. “Supershine gives you slip and helps you avoid bunchy braids, and Gel Sérum helps keep the braids together.”  


Get the Look:



1. Brush out the hair with a paddle brush.


2. Using a rat tail comb (Chuck used a T3 Rat Tail Comb), section hair either on the sides or in the back for cornrow placement.


3. Gather the remaining hair up into a topknot using a combination of Oribe Gel Sérum and Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream. Using a bristle brush, gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with a bungee elastic.


4. Flat-iron the ponytail from midshaft to ends with a flatiron (Chuck used a T3 SinglePass X 1.5” Wide Iron).


5. Spray the ponytail with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and wrap hair into a loose topknot and pin at the base. It should look effortless.


6. Apply a combination of Gel Sérum and Supershine to the section of hair you left out to prep for the cornrow. Start braiding in a wavy pattern or strip and secure with a rubber band. Clean up the edges and tame any flyaways with Oribe Superfine Strong.


7. Finish the look with a generous misting of Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray


The Show: Lisa Perry



Lead Stylist: Didier Malige of Art Partner


Inspiration: Lisa Perry drew inspiration for her collection from the work of two of her favorite—and dramatically different—Abstract Expressionist painters, Barnett Newman and Jackson Pollock. Playing off the bold colors and clean, ordered lines of Newman’s color-field paintings against what she describes as the “chaotic, intense rhythm of Pollock,” she fused the two into her own singular concept. As far as hair goes, Lisa wanted something that resembled the glamour and volume of hair from the ‘60s, so she brought on Didier to help her achieve this look, while making it look modern, cool and current. “The idea for the hair is to look ‘60s but fresh,” says Didier. “We want hair to be a bit more textured.” The end result was a sleek and side-parted look with an eyebrow-grazing half bang in front and long and straight in back with light teasing at the crown. “The look is like Twiggy in front, very flat across the forehead, and Jean Shrimpton in back,” Didier says. 


Get the Look:



1. Start by combing through clean, dry hair and make a deep, short side part.


2. To add texture, spray hair at the roots with René Furterer VOLUMEA volumizing conditioning spray, massaging product into the hair, then spray it throughout the rest of the hair and comb it through to distribute product from roots to ends. If a client’s hair is thicker or more textured, use René Furterer FIORAVANTI shine enhancing no rinse detangling spray instead of VOLUMEAto prep hair for blow-drying.


3. Blow-dry hair, directing the nozzle attachment down the hair shaft, and rough-dry hair with your hands. While hair is still slightly damp, continue to blow-dry hair, using a large round brush for a smooth, sleek finish.


4. After the blow-out, flat-iron hair. Then slightly tease the crown, making sure to keep the volume over the profile. The secret is spraying hair with René Furterer NATURIA dry shampoo for more body and support. Brush this through hair with a Mason Pearson brush, and then spray each section at the roots with more of the dry shampoo before back-combing each section with a teasing comb or brush.


5. After the crown is teased and smoothed, give hair a light misting of René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY for hold.


6. Lastly, lightly finesse the hair, tucking it behind the ears, then gently loosening a few pieces to come forward to frame the face. 


The Show: Katie Gallagher



Lead Stylist: Nick Irwin for TIGI


Inspiration: This collection was inspired by the idea of “sad romance.” To help create a look that would complement this theme, Nick developed an airy, romantic style that speaks perfectly to Katie’s effortlessly chic girl.


Get the Look:



1. Prep the hair by spraying CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo on random sections to create an unkempt, textured look.


2. Create a center part, about an inch long, from hairline to just before the crown. Pull hair back while keeping the small part intact, tucking behind the ears and securing in a ponytail just above the nape to expose the natural hairline.


3. Next, separate a half-inch piece of hair from the pony and wrap around the elastic. Secure with a bobby pin, out of sight.


4. Spray the ponytail with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo and scrunch with fingers to buckle the hair, adding movement and additional texture. Set the texture with a blow dryer on low heat.


5. Loosely pull at natural fly-aways with the palm of the hand to add more movement and
amplify the unkempt look. Finish with a generous spray of CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray.


*Note: to replicate the veiled look seen on the runway, drape fabric around face/head and secure using elastics around the ponytail.

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