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December 29, 2015

BTC Exclusive: Zendaya’s Convertible Hairstyles!

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When it comes to covetable hairstyles, Zendaya’s a “coif chameleon” who can rock dozens of cool looks.


By Heather Haemker


She’s talented, outspoken, gorgeous and fierce. Mattel™ even created a Barbie™ in her likeness, a message to young girls everywhere that it’s OK to want to be like her. And because of Zendaya’s ability to seriously rock any hairstyle—from dreads to pixie cuts to faux bobs and even a flattop—CHI just signed her as their hair ambassador.



The man behind that workable mane is Larry Sims, a celebrity stylist who has been part of Zendaya’s posse since the actress/singer was 14. Zendaya’s sense of style is sophisticated beyond her years, Larry reveals. “She really likes to push the boundaries and wants to represent all women,” he shares. “She likes to change it up all the time—short, kinky, Afros, bone straight, you name it.”


Zendaya fans are always eager to check out her latest look, and last fall she served up a buffet of hairstyles for her front row appearances at Paris Fashion Week. She sported something new each day. “She has an exemplary way of showing that she isn’t defined by just one hairstyle or hairdo—she isn’t just curly or straight,” notes Larry. “She pushes the envelope and tries new things, which is great for someone her age.” With so many looks to love, it’s hard to pick the top choices, but here, Larry breaks down some of his favorites and shares his how-tos.                                                     



Loosely Gathered Waves
Larry used a diffuser to encourage Zendaya’s natural wave pattern, and added extensions from crown to nape that mirrored her texture. He misted her natural hair and extensions with a texturizing spray, allowed all of the hair to dry completely, then bundled everything into a low, loose ponytail. Random stray hairs around the hairline contributed to the overall effortless, organic effect.


Style Shifter
The secret to Zendaya’s style success, according to Larry, is teamwork. “Her looks are a collaboration between Zendaya, myself and her creative director,” he reveals. “She isn’t the type of girl you can just throw something on. She has input—she says yes or no and makes suggestions. She’s great to work with.”



Faux Bob
Begin by curling the hair with a quarter-inch curling iron, directing all of the hair away from the face. Once cool, brush through with a Mason Pearson brush, then backcomb the hair using a large teasing comb. Roll all of the lengths up and under to create the bob effect and pin to secure. Finish with a dry texture spray for a matte, modern finish.



Cher Straight
For this look, Larry added 22-inch hair extensions to Zendaya’s own hair. He smoothed the hair with a heat protectant serum to lock out frizz and protect from heat, and dried strands to a completely straight finish. He touched up the hair with a styling iron and finished with hairspray.


Image courtesy of FLARE Magazine. Photography by Nino Muñoz and styling by Sarah Schussheim.


Top Knot
Larry worked a small amount of styling gel through the lengths, gathered all strands into a high ponytail and secured the tail with a hooked elastic. He then wrapped the hair around the base of the ponytail and secured the knot with hairpins.


“One of the great things about having Zendaya as an Ambassador for CHI is that she wears so many different looks—no matter what you do to her hair, she always looks great,” says Farouk Systems Global Board Artist Tammy Mixon. During Zendaya’s first CHI photo shoot as brand ambassador, CHI artists created a variety of looks, from a red carpet top knot to voluminous and sleek. This look featured natural, textured waves.



“One of the great things about having Zendaya as an Ambassador for CHI is that she wears so many different looks—no matter what you do to her hair, she always looks great.” – Farouk Systems Global Board Artist Tammy Mixon. Photography by Fadil Berisha.


Au Natural 
1.  Start with damp hair. Apply a small amount of CHI Silk Infusion to the ends of the hair to add moisture.


2. Apply a generous amount of CHI Styling Cream Gel and comb through the hair to add control and definition to Zendaya’s natural curl.


3. Use the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer on the low setting, and slowly diffuse the hair.


4. Once the hair is dry, lift at the scalp using your fingers and spray CHI Enviro Natural Hold Hairspray.


5. Finish by spraying a light mist of CHI Shine Infusion to polish off the look.