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June 16, 2015

BTC EXCLUSIVE: L’Oreal Professionnel’s Brunette “It” Girl for Summer 2015

Formula A

L’Oréal Professionnel INOA 4.07/4NGr 

Formula B

INOA Carmilane C6.64/C6RC 

She definitely has “it,” but do you know exactly what “it” is? The professionals at L’Oréal Professionnel sure do! For L’Oréal, the “it” is this modern shag for summer 2015 that oozes sex appeal, expression, freedom and empowerment. Created on both light and dark hair, this shag is the perfect balance of fashion-forward and effortless cool—think festival hair, think next day hair, think effortless beach waves. Here’s how you can recreate the modern dark shag in your salon! 


Dark Shag


L’Oréal Professionnel Color Formulas
Formula A:
INOA 4.07/4NGr 
Formula B: INOA Carmilane C6.64/C6RC 


Color Application

1. Separate the hair into three sections and isolate. Once colored, process for 35 minutes.
 In section A, apply Formula A to the first 2 inches. Take Formula B through the ends, blending the two shades at the transition with the tip of your brush.  
 In section B, apply Formula A from the regrowth area to the ends.


2. Wet, emulsify, rinse and shampoo once with L’Oréal Professionel Post Color Shampoo. Condition and preserve the color radiance with a Série Expert Cristalceutic In-Salon Treatment.


3. On towel-dried hair, spray Mythic Oil Reinforcing Milk throughout the midlengths and ends. Comb through the hair for even distribution.


Cut Step-by-Step

1. Separate the hair into two sections and isolate.


2. For section A, cut the hair square to the head at zero elevation until the top of the ear is reached. Use a soft point-cutting technique that will create a blurry line. In front of the ear, cut following the same baseline in the back of the head. For denser hair, subsection the hair.



3. For section B, separate the front and back with a radial section. Starting in the crown with a stationary profile section, elevate the section to 90°. Slice or point-cut using the underneath section as a guide and create a soft, shattered line. Overdirect the hair in section B to the stationary guide until the crown is complete. When reaching the front, use the last section in the back as a guide. Take diagonal forward sections, elevating the hair to 45°. Following the curve of the head, continue cutting with slicing or point-cutting.


Tecni.Art Styling Step-by-Step

1. On towel-dried hair, liberally apply Tecni.Art Beach Waves by Wild Stylers from the re-growth area to the ends of the hair. With a side parting in place, dry the hair to 80%.


2. On both sides of the part, separate the hair in two sections, twisting the two sections together. Secure the ends with a rubber band and dry the hair to 100%.


3. Release the hair with your fingers. Loosen the hair and spray Tecni.Art Next Day Hair by Wild Stylers section by section for a deconstructed, next day look.


Blondes are in too—Check out L’Oreal’s Light Shag! 


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