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June 29, 2015

BTC EXCLUSIVE: L’Oreal Professionnel Launches Tecni.Art in the United States

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The product line long preferred backstage at Fashion Weeks from Paris to Milan has finally touched down in the United States! L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.Art debuted at an intimate launch at the L’Oréal SoHo Academy in New York City. To showcase the versatility and power of this innovative line, L’Oréal Professionnel Artistic Team Members James Morrison, Amit Abraham, Jennifer MacDougall and Drew Schaefering teamed up to tackle eight looks representative of their respective styles. 


“Our main objective is to expose and introduce Tecni.Art to the hairdressing community by showing how these products really work in a lot of different domains. This is why each member of the team tonight comes from a different background,” explains James. “I come from a salon owner background, Amit works in Fashion shows, Jennifer works in television and Drew is an international platform artist. We’re all involved in different domains and we’re here to demonstrate how these products cut through all of them and can be used from the salon to the red carpet.”



Although Tecni.Art is new to American hairdressers, many are unaware that Tecni.Art has been the number one styling line in the world for many years now. “We wanted to take all the L’Oréal products from all over the world and globalize one product line,” explains Amit. “Tecni.Art was the product line in Europe and South America, but there were different products in Asia, London and North America. The idea was that since we’re such a global place in the United States, having one global product line here really makes sense.” For him, this launch brings the most important aspect of Fashion Week styling to the salon. “The number one thing I need at Fashion Week is performance. I need a product that does what it says it’s going to do when I need it to—and this product line is geared exactly to that,” exclaims Amit. “I really don’t have to layer four, five, six products as you might have to do in a salon environment because in a fashion show environment, I need it done now.” 



So on June 24, stylists and salon owners converged on L’Oréal’s SoHo Academy to see how these products do exactly that! Jennifer and Amit teamed up to represent styling inspiration from Paris while James and Drew teamed up to represent New York—and then they got to work!



For Jennifer, she used Extreme Splash Elastic Wet-Look Gelée to create an elaborate braid with pieces of hair wrapped around to secure it—giving the hair a similar texture to leather. “I’m hoping to inspire you with editorial looks that are actually stylable in the salon—styles that the everyday confident woman wants to wear,” says Jennifer.



James used Infinium 4 Finishing Spray to hold a blowout pixie in place, giving added confidence for the stylist and client alike. “All of us as hairdressers want confidence,” says James of Infinium. “We want things that are simple, straightforward and give us great looking hair!”



Alongside James, Drew used Next Day Hair Dry Finishing Spray and Fresh Dust Hair Powder to give his model a more natural, texturized look. He then used a tool fashioned from wire to pull the hair out before spraying with Infinium to increase the hair’s volume and hold. “Hair’s a fabric that we test to its limits. Tecni.Art lets us push past the boundaries of what we can do with the hair,” says Drew.  



Amit used Shower Shine Lacquer Shine Spray to give his model a very editorial look. “I came up with my look an hour ago,” laughs Amit. “I had another one in mind and I was sitting here talking with James while playing with my model’s hair and I accidentally did something and looked down and thought I should keep playing with this. My look inspired itself—those happy accidents become happy discoveries. It’s not what you get inspired from, it’s what you get inspired by.”


After each look was finished, the team fielded questions from the audience about how to best use Tecni.Art. They also announced the Tecni.Art Star Stylist Contest with Behindthechair.com. The winner of the contest will receive an all-expense paid trip to BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style 2015 in New Orleans, Sept. 26-29, along with a one hour coaching session with James.


href=”http://behindthechair.com/tecniartcontest”>For contest details, click here! 


The launch ended with L’Oréal Professionnel’s mission accomplished—the guests walked away excited for Tecni.Art! And for Amit, he felt his mission was accomplished too. “We’ve been working so hard on this line for years now so for me, it’s closure. I’m excited we were able to show stylists this line and what they can do with it because, honestly, I totally believe in these products,” says Amit.


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