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August 2, 2016

BTC Exclusive How-To: Rainbow Hair of London

Since Not Another Salon (@notanothersalon) opened in east London nine months ago, it’s become a mecca for bright, multi-colored creative haircolor that manages to be edgy and high-end at the same time. And it’s no wonder, since at the helm of the operation is Sophia Hilton, queen of trendy, boundary-pushing color techniques.

Take this rad, vivid rainbow blend created by Sophia herself. “With all the mermaid hair around at the moment, I thought it was time to take it up a level,” Sophia says. “Coloring horizontally has always been a difficult technique for a hairdresser, so I wanted to challenge how far I could push my skills.”

Sophia tried out this technique on her long-time client, who gives Sophia complete creative license over her hair every six weeks. “It’s so important that we have ‘play time’ as a colorist,” shares Sophia. “Creative time keeps us challenged and pushing to be the best we can be.”  


Color Formulas
Formula A (lightener):
60g L’Oréal Professionnel Multi-Techniques Lightening Powder + 60g 30-volume developer + 12 mL INNOluxe colour additive

Formula B: Crazy Colour – Cyclamen

Formula C: Crazy Colour – Orange

Formula D: Crazy Colour – Canary Yellow

Formula E: Crazy Colour – Pine Green

Formula F: Crazy Colour – Sky Blue

Prelighten using Formula A, processing until hair reaches a pale yellow, about 1½ hours. 

2. Apply Formula B to the roots, being careful not to get any on the ends.

3. Place foil underneath the first section around the hairline, then apply Formula C to the next band, and Formulas D, E and F to subsequent horizontal bands.

4. Smudge the colors together gently, making sure to avoid color bleeding.

5. Follow the same section 1 inch back, and overdirect the color to the previous line.

6. Cover each section with plastic wrap so you can follow the previous line. Work your way to the back, overdirecting to the front each time.

7. Roll back the foils from the face for development, and process for 30 minutes.


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Rinse with lukewarm water, slowly, and do not shampoo. Style as desired.


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Total chair time: 6 hours

Total price: as the owner of the salon, Sophia would charge anywhere from £300 to £400 for this particular look, but she charges less for this client because she lets her experiment on her!



BONUS TIP! For longer-lasting vibrant color, Sophia sends her clients home with cups of color for every shampoo between visits!