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March 2, 2016

BTC EXCLUSIVE Guy Tang Hair Battle

Guy Tang Hair Battle


Lately, it’s all about those metallics and if there is any hair artist out there who is known for their perfectly crafted metallic hues it’s Guy Tang. Whether it’s a frosty-iced hue or a galaxy-inspired explosion of color, his creations completely capture our (and everyone’s) obsession with metallics!

So what do you get when you take five talented stylists, five social media celebrity judges and a hair battle featuring the main man who started this huge trend himself? Cue the first-ever Guy Tang Hair Battle by Kenra Color!

It was a weekend full of amazing color transformations and #HairBesties hanging out under the California sun, and BTC was there to take it all in! From Guy Tang’s galaxy inspiration reveal to the model selection to the stylists working all day to create their out-of-this-world color to the big Hair Battle event, BTC was on site for every exclusive detail—and it was total Metallic Mayhem!