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July 8, 2015

BTC Exclusive! Behind Kim Kardashian’s Modern Wob

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By Heather Haemker


Remember that time Kim Kardashian had a bob? We do, and thought it was fabulous! And although she didn’t quite break the interest with her chop, she certainly caused plenty of online tremors. The story? Kim lopped off her waist-length chocolate locks in favor of the season’s It Cut—a swingy, long bob.


Celebrity Stylist, Gregory Russell, did the honors and reveals what went down. “She was looking for a fresh, modern change,” he says. “She likes to play with her look and try new things, and this seemed like the right moment for a drastic shift.”


To create the cut, Gregory started at the nape, razoring vertical, 1-inch sections to produce texture. The he blunted the perimeter with shears. “Pay attention to the face shape to help you understand the best length for your client,” he advises. Working toward the face, he razored a heavy side fringe, then created long layers throughout the top Mohawk section for movement. He also lifted 1-inch, vertical sections straight up and connected the layers to the lengths with his shears.



To style, he dried the hair with a blow dryer and flat brush, encouraging volume throughout the top sections. Finally, he detailed the dry hair with a razor to remove bulk and ensure that the texture on the ends was uniform.


A few days later, Kim adorned her new cut (briefly) with platinum haircolor—bringing even more attention to her shorter lengths. Up next? Who knows, but the Internet will be waiting!