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January 14, 2015

Brown-to-Blonde Ombré

Looking to create her own unique ombré blend, Natasha Della Ratta of Salon Halo in Spring Hill, FL took inspiration from one of the oldest and most popular outlets for hairstylist—fashion magazines and Instagram. Overcome with ideas, Natasha formulated this striking brown-to-blonde ombré adding not only depth, but a custom tone-on-tone effect that really stands out! Here’s how she did it:


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Natural/Starting Level: Level 6



Color Formulas
Formula A (balayage): Paul Mitchell SynchroLift Ultra-Quick Blue Powder Lightener + 30-volume Cream Developer


Formula B (toner): Paul Mitchell© the color equal parts 7P,+ 8A + 8N + 10-volume Clear Developer


1. Starting in the back, work up the nape to the crown. Then section the hair in four standard quadrants where the client typically parts her hair. Natasha recommends using Saran Wrap instead of foils as it allows you to see the color processing.


2. In vertical strokes, paint Formula A onto the hair. Fully saturate the ends and as you move closer to the scalp, slowly ease the pressure of the strokes to keep the look airy and soft. Use vertical strokes throughout the entire application.


3. Process for 40 minutes, rinse then apply Formula B. Allow Formula B to process for 5 to 7 minutes.