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September 11, 2015

Bringing Volume Back!

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Clients with short, fine hair still want to achieve voluminous styles. Simple, for a savvy stylist like yourself—plus you have a secret weapon in the shape of the FHI Heat Stylus™. But before you bring the heat, prep the hair with HOT SAUCE, a thermally activated leave-in treatment to protect the hair against thermal damage. FHI Heat Celebrity Stylist, Gregory Patterson, shows you how to literally brush your way through resistant hair to create body and fullness in even the shortest of hair.


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1. Apply HOT SAUCE to the hair as a leave-in treatment before styling. This lightweight, quick-absorbing formula conditions, moisturizes, detangles and protects the hair from excess damage.


2. Take a section and begin brushing through the hair to soften the texture.



3. Next, place your Stylus™ right at the root and control her short hair by placing your hand right on top of the cool bristles.


4. Then using a C-shape technique and slightly turn your Stylus™ to achieve volume and fullness.




5. In the front, soften the texture by brushing through the hair with Stylus™. Then place the Stylus™ underneath and give it a slight turn, making a beautiful C-shape all the way to the ends.


6. Continue this pattern around the remainder of the hair to complete the style.


7. Spray Stylus™ Hairspray to lock and set the style.

Win a FREE HOT SAUCE from FHI Heat!