Bridal Stylists: This Chart Will Make Consultations So Much Easier

Bridal Stylists: This Chart Will Make Consultations So Much Easier

From structured updos to romantic braids, it’s no secret that the variety in styles makes the consultation the hardest part of bridal styling. To make your (and your client’s) life much simpler, bridal styling guru Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph) posted a super helpful chart on her Instagram to help get everyone on the same page. Check out how she breaks it down by style and aesthetic below, print it out for future consultations, then keep scrolling for her top five bridal styling tips!



Tired of miscommunication during the consultation? Show this chart to your brides so you both can easily decide on a style for her big day.


Stephanie’s Top 5 Bridal Styling Tips:

1. A solid foundation is everything when creating long-lasting styles, so make sure the hair you’re working on is always “gritty to the max.”


2. Never open a bobby pin before inserting it because it’ll grab too much hair. Instead, insert a closed bobby pin, then twist it to catch multiple sections and provide extra grip.


3. Know this: short hair looks even shorter when styled sleek and stiff. So opt for a more relaxed style—something loose, low or curly—for brides with bobs/lobs. And take advantage of short layers by leaving face-framing strands out!


4. Don’t hold the braids too tight when pancaking—it’ll only create frizz, not bulk.


5. If the bride requests a half upstyle AND a veil, place the veil at the parietal ridge or higher so it won’t compete with the updo.



Now that you’re ready for the consultation, here are five bridal styling tricks you should be using!