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January 19, 2018

Breaking News: BTC Launches New Influencer Program and Names Alfredo Lewis as VP of Influencer Strategies

For nearly 20 years, behindthechair.com has been at the forefront of innovation. First to market on the web of any media company 17 years ago, behindthechair.com is number one in the world for online salon pro media with traffic to behindthechair.com of nearly 1MM visits monthly and number one in social media with more than 1.2MM Instagram and nearly 900k Facebook followers.


Anticipating the massive industry changes happening as a result of social media and social media influencers, BTC was first to put influencers on the covers of our BTC magazine nearly 4 years ago including @guy_tang and @hairandmakeupbysteph. BTC also launched the first-ever social media awards program 3 years ago—our #ONESHOT HAIR AWARDS, the industry’s first completely transparent awards program conducted entirely on Instagram and meant to celebrate “real hair behind the chair.” In 2017, #ONESHOT received 215,000 entries from 62 countries across the world—making it the largest and most prestigious hairdressing awards event in the world today. More than 400 finalists attended the awards from more than 16 countries, and the finalists’ combined follower count exceeded more than 17MM Instagram followers!


behindthechair.com Founder & Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable believes influencers provide unique opportunities for manufacturers and says, “It’s impossible to ignore the massive impact social media and social media influencers are having on salon pro brands, not to mention the overall education market with online learning and independent education. It takes only looking at the makeup business today to understand the transformative change that has happened—and can happen—as a result of brand ambassadors building existing brands and, in some cases, even launching their own. This shift has most certainly created many industry-wide challenges, yet created many more exceptional opportunities for those companies who understand they need to pivot their businesses to acknowledge this new reality and leverage the many opportunities available to them because of it.”



To help manufacturers navigate this new reality, BTC has launched The BTC Influencer Program and named Alfredo Lewis as the Vice President of Influencer Strategies.


The BTC Influencer Program is an entirely new department in BTC whose entire function is to align expert beauty influencers with like-minded manufacturers in respective categories based on manufacturers’ needs including: social media posts, content creation, video creation and stage presentations. The BTC Influencer Program is a full-service program working together with our manufacturer partners to strategize influencer needs, assign the influencers, pay them and manage their activity. BTC is excited to share that we already have in place more than $1MM in contracts available for influencers with most of their favorite brands. 


BTC is very proud to welcome Alfredo Lewis as BTC’s Vice President of Influencer Strategies. He joins BTC after creating the largest and most powerful network of influencers ever within the hair industry. In his last role as Global Education Director for Brazilian Professionals, he was responsible for recruiting more than 90 social media ambassadors for b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, with a combined following of more than 10MM followers, earning the brand the number one position in Earned Media Value (EMV) of any hair company as reported by Tribe Dynamics.


“In my opinion, Alfredo was ahead of his time, something we know a lot about at BTC. He knew the only way to truly compete in the market when b3 launched 3 years ago was to build a powerful influencer network of like-minded ambassadors—a family of users—who could promote the product by using it, post images and videos tagging it and, together with the influencers, build each other’s brands,” shares Mary. “But, most importantly, Alfredo personifies everything that BTC stands for in always putting hairdressers first.”


As a hairdresser first and foremost, Alfredo worked as a renowned hairstylist and color specialist, training at both the prestigious Yamano Beauty College in Los Angeles and the L’Oréal Paris Color Academy in New York City. After graduating, Alfredo became a sought-after celebrity colorist in Beverly Hills for almost 15 years. In 2008, he became a platform artist and lead educator for Brazilian Blowout, traveling the world with the brand before he became Global Director of Education in 2013, training more than 60 educators and subsequently building the largest influencer network when b3 launched in 2014. Alfredo is also a 2017 #ONESHOT Award Winner for “BTC Quickie Video of the Year” along with three members of his team.


“I’ve been a hairstylist for 25 years, and while I have a strong passion for business, my heart and soul has always been as a hairdresser,” Alfredo said. “I’m thrilled to find a home with behindthechair.com where I can expand my ability to contribute to this industry in a company that truly believes in putting the hairdresser FIRST. Mary and the BTC team have been making hairstylists #1 for nearly two decades, and I can’t think of a better place to help this industry grow. Influencers are so excited to be part of our BTC Influencer Team and all the new opportunities it presents to work with their favorite brands and learn about new ones.”



Alfredo will be based in Los Angeles, where BTC will be launching a second location in Q2—which will include a full photo and video studio for influencer and manufacturer content creation services.


Yes, it’s all big news! Combining the power of BTC’s website, shows, social media reach, content development and influencer strategies, our manufacturer partners can trust that BTC has the experience and knowledge to move their businesses forward in this new reality of our social media landscape.


For hairdressers interested in learning more about the new BTC influencer program, please fill out this survey!


For manufacturers interested in BTC’s influencer program and advertising opportunities, email advertising@behindthechair.com.