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September 4, 2015

Break Boundaries, Not Bonds!

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could color hair without the added worry of breakage? How much easier would your color service be? Well, get ready…there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to bonding…and the response has been amazing. Brazilian Bond Builder or b3, is a one-step system that reinforces the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex, helping prevent loss of cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the inner structure of the hair. Most importantly, it adds NO additional processing time to your color services. Utilizing a specifically engineered co-polymer combined with a high-purity targeted delivery system to achieve prolonged color retention and vibrancy between color appointments. Plus it comes with an easy-to-use professional size with a custom dosage dispensing system to guarantee the proper amount every time. 



What People Are Saying


Benjamin Everin, of Warren Tricomi in NY said, “The thing I love about b3, is that it protects and soothes hair without any added time or effort. As a colorist with a busy schedule, I love that now I don’t have to sacrifice the integrity of the hair or worry about the client running late for their blow-dry or haircut. With b3 ,I know that in the same amount of time as a normal appointment, their hair will be in better condition than before processing.”



Transitioning to lighter shades requires skill, artistry, passion and the right tools. Sought after for his signature beachy blondes, Beau Dieda of Bob Roy & Co. in Manhattan Beach, Calif. brightened this rich ombré he performed 7 months ago to an allover sun-kissed hue and kept his client’s hair intact by adding b3 to his lightener. “Shoutout to Brazilian Bond Builder for protecting my client’s hair!”



Celebrity Colorist Danny Moon has been using b3 Brazilian Bond Builder on his famous artistic colors. He is such a fan that he will be attending BTC’s Color, Cut & Style Show this month to show off some super special techniques using b3. Love Danny’s creation? A combination of pastels, neons, naturals and custom medium tones were used to create visual interest in his color creation. Danny worked with the colors that were present on his client’s hair from the last application to create his blended colorful hue. Here’s how he did it using b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.



1. Lighten roots to a Level 9 using 20-volume developer and ¼ oz. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.


2. Tone with 1 oz. 9-volume + 1 oz. 9rb Redken Shades  EQ + 1/8 oz. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder for 15 minutes to add depth.


3. Mix and apply 1 oz. Peach Clear + 1/8 oz. PRAVANA VIVIDS Orange + 1/8 oz. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.


4. Apply and mix 1 oz. PRAVANA VIVIDS Magenta + 1 oz. Manic Panic Hot Pink + 1/8 oz. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder.


5. Apply PRAVANA PASTELS Mint + PRAVANA NEONS Yellow + 1/8 oz. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder to the ends.


6. Finish by adding Gold + 1/8 oz. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder to achieve a Level 6 around the face frame area to complement the mint.


Gloria Arana of Haircut Designs in Bonita, Calif. points out another unique thing about b3, “I was only using b3 on clients that had compromised hair, and I had been getting amazing results.  After using b3 on my own hair (a simple tint touchup) and feeling how healthy and shiny it left my hair, I now use it on ALL of my color clients. My clients are asking if I changed color lines! The revenue from my color work has increased but, more importantly, referrals for color services at my salon have skyrocketed because of b3.”


Want to see how B3 can do for your clients? 



b3 Training Video from Brazilian Professionals on Vimeo.